We are Family, I got all my brothers (and a sister-in-law) and me

So, I talked to my dad this morning who got me all in a tizzy because my sister-in-law got the shit knocked out of her by her latest ex in the process of becoming her latest ex. She says he dragged her down the driveway and deposited her at the end of the street as a way to let her know it was over.

She’s having some problems getting the things she needs from the local shelter. I’m not going to go into it, because someday my nephew could read this crap. But let me just say that it is both entirely possible and very likely that she was being abused by her latest boyfriend (who, honestly, I think is the same guy she’s been seeing since she and my brother moved away from each other) AND it’s entirely possible and very likely that she would be a highly problematic person to try to help if you were a shelter.

Anyway, she said to my dad, “[My brother] is the only person I can talk to about this stuff.”

I think we all know what that means, but I’m calling it right now–if my brother ever gets a place of his own, I am betting you today that she ends up living there with him.

I am a little concerned that, if my parents move to Georgia and my brother moves in with them (and I’m feeling there’s a better than even chance this will happen), she will also move in with them.

More than a little concerned.

Pretty damn terrified.