Mumpower Out of Power?

I’m still not sure what to make of Mumpower’s last-minute decision not to run for re-election. The filing deadline for candidates is in five days and the news, so far, has been conspicuously silent about who will run on the Republican side for Mumpower’s seat (and shoot, if there ever was an argument for the importance of running someone in every race, this is it).

Is there a pending scandal? Well, I don’t know, but I kind of doubt it. Too many people are coming forward to offer their well-wishes.  If he really were running from something, it seems like people would be keeping their distance?

Is he just burnt out? Eh, maybe, but he’s just my age. And, yes, he had some stumbles lately, with the losing to Williams and such, but as a young guy who seems pretty smart, you’d think he might bounce back from this stuff.

Is he pissed at his fellow Republicans? I don’t know. But the timing is weird. Where is the GOP candidate to replace him? Say what you want about Mumpower, but he was at the front of the Party while it was making huge gains. He and his fellow Republicans have given the Party a younger, somewhat more female-friendly face (I say, very, very loosely). And everyone thinks we’re going to end up this fall with a Republican governor and a Republican majority legislature.

Mumpower isn’t Moses. Nothing’s stopping him from reaching the promised land.


I don’t know.

It’s weird.

Edited to add: Now I’m hearing that Mumpower DID file papers to run last week. So… If I find a news source to confirm, I’ll link. But something seems to be hinky here.

Edited again: Here’s a news story confirming.

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  3. Was there some sort of pending scandal behind Bart Gordon’s decision to retire? Was there some scandal in the waiting that affected John Tanner’s decision to retire?

  4. Is there a pending scandal re Tanner and Gordon? Well, I don’t know, but I kind of doubt it. But hey, saying something like that doesnt really imply anything.

  5. Anonymous, you’re so cute when you deliberately miss the point. You forget, though, that I can see what other comments you’ve left, so I know you’re not as stupid as you’re pretending to be here.

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