Just a Reminder about the 60s

Oh, y’all, Blue Collar Republican is all worked up.

That being said, I plan to misbehave. I have no issues what-so-ever with those tossing a few bricks through windows or other appropriately directed ‘civil disobedience’. The cutting of gas lines and other actions directed at harming people I do have issue with.

The rest of you can take whatever course you wish, but for me the time for just standing around sipping tea is over.

And, bless her heart, Mary Mancini tries to remind him that “civil disobedience” doesn’t actually include throwing bricks, to which he counters

Oh my, you must have missed the race riots of the 60’s, the anti-war protests of the 70’s and your liberal anti-war March this past weekend with 9 arrests. I learned how to ‘misbehave’ from liberals back in my liberal days [emphasis mine]

Fair enough.

I would just like to offer two bits of advice. In the future, you might want to refrain from premeditating your ‘civil disobedience’ on the internet. It’s going to make it harder for your lawyer to argue that you’re a good person who was just caught up in the emotions of the moment. Instead, you’re going to look like the kind of dude who planned and calculated whatever it is you’re going to do.

Premeditation usually means a longer sentence.

I mean, you didn’t forget about that part, did you? Where the cops come and they arrest you and you stand before a judge who doesn’t have much sympathy for brick throwing being “civil” and you go to jail? And, hell, if you’re an interesting enough target and this is y’all’s 60s, they audit you for the next decade?

And you forget the worst part. John Rich is the music of your movement. And, don’t get me wrong, he’s a talented song-writer, but he’s not the best singer in Nashville. Is that really the voice you want over the montage of your exploits in your biopic?

Anyway, I look forward to watching your perp walk on the news.

12 thoughts on “Just a Reminder about the 60s

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  2. Excuse me, but many of Dr. Kings actions were premeditated. Careful thought and planning went into his efforts and were a key part of his success. Do you really think the lunch counter sit ins, as an example, just randomly happened, or werent they the result of planning and premeditation?

  3. Yes, but, again, you’re deliberately missing the point. Dr. King’s actions were non-violent (throwing bricks through windows is not) and he knew the consequences of his actions would mean that he would be arrested and that he would go to jail, which he did.

    And, as much as i love BCR, come now. He’s no Dr. King.

  4. Nonviolent resistance is…well, nonviolent. Deciding you’re going to throw a hissy and destroy some private property because you didn’t get your way makes it clear that you have the imagination of a sulky teenage vandal. Are you going to toilet paper some houses and put a VW on top of the high school too? Ridiculous.

  5. Destruction of private property to make a political point is never right. I wish Ken would remember that Conservatives are supposed to defend the right to one’s property as fundamental to individual freedom.

    Besides, pretty soon people will be tossing bricks through windows with notes attached saying “You deserve a brick today” and McDonalds is going to get medieval on everybody.

  6. Well, B, you know us republicans; all planning and logic. Of course he’s going to plan it all out. It can be a curse as well as a blessing.
    It’s tougher to make the temporary insanity defense for us because we don’t typically go insane the way your guys do.

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  8. Technically, “premeditation” would only be an issue if he were planning to kill someone. But yes, you have the intent and the motive laid clear right here.

    You know, if they really believed themselves to be the nonviolent heirs of the civil right movement, they’d be proud to go to jail over it rather than whining about the liberals pointing out that they do so. I’d be more than willing to bet that BCR is too chicken to actually do it–either throw the brick or go to jail.

  9. I can’t remember who said it but it has been said that character isn’t what a person shows when things are going their way, true character is always exposed when things are not going their way.

    True rightwing character has been exposed over the past few days.

  10. I love the fact that he starts the paragraph where he advocates violence with “I am no advocate of violence.”

    And what a twisted (mis-)understanding of what “civil disobedience” is.

  11. Agree with GoldenI re: premeditation, intent and motive.

    As to BCR’s rant, let’s remember that a lot of the arrests during 60’s anti-war protests were for such “violent” crimes as burning your own draft card, and “unlawful assembly.” I agree with him that burning buildings was a crime during race riots, just as heaving bricks through windows is a crime today.

    However, let’s not focus too much on “planning” as a prerequisite for successful political action. Keep in mind that the Watergate burglary was carefully planned – by a bunch of idiots who got caught thanks to a sharp-eyed minimum wage security guard who noticed that they taped the same lock — twice.

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