So, Kleinheider got let go today. I kind of want to say exactly what I said last time. It just bums me out, is all. I mean, really, JR and them are going to do fine. Post Politics will be fine and it will carry on. Blah blah blah.

If you had to pick someone to do Post Politics, if Kleinheider were unavailable, JR is the perfect choice.

But whatever Post Politics is, and what Volunteer Voters was, it is because Kleinheider invented it and then worked it out real-time, while we all played along. And it’s obvious that SouthComm has some sense of the importance of what Kleinheider got up to, because, even after they kicked him to the curb, they were smart enough to stick someone talented in the driver’s seat.

So, it just sucks.

But what can you do?

4 thoughts on “Kleinheider

  1. How incredibly stupid, although this is obviously not SouthComm’s first trip to the rodeo when it comes to making poor decisions.

    A couple of other extremely pointed thoughts came to mind but out of respect for JR et al, I’ll hold my tongue so they can carry on amidst this travesty because I don’t want to indirectly slam them when it’s NOT their fault and it’s ALL about SouthComm’s utter stupidity.

    I will say this, though – as much as I would absolutely hate for Tennessee to lose ACK to elsewhere, part of me hopes he next lands in NYC, LA, or – better yet – DC. Any major outlet with a national voice would be lucky to have him, and frankly, hell or high water should have been moved to keep someone of his caliber.

    Or if there is truly justice, he’ll end up on CNN and be on so much that the powers that be/were at SouthComm and WKRN wind up feeling absolutely haunted.

    I don’t even have all that much interest in politics as a rule (as most everyone knows) but this is horrible, and a danged shame. My best wishes to you for whatever’s next, ACK, and thank you – you are one of the handful that actually DID peak my interest in it all once in a while.

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