7 thoughts on “I Will Probably Never Say this Again

  1. I was thinking more along blind pigs and acorns, but same diff. It’s fairly easy to tell where the humane side of this one rests. The Westover Church bunch are obnoxious, hateful, and incendiary.

    Here’s the thing, though, that makes me think. I know that political protests don’t have to make sense, that they can be couched in offensive language, that they can be uncivil as hell, and that they are often most effective when done in places and at times that mainstream society judges inappropriate. Do I really want to see the First Amendment rights of groups who I support eroded even more because I’d like this particular group of yahoos to show some human decency? Or does this represent the “yes, even you, you vicious set of ignorant bigots, you get to have your say and Americans will judge your message by your works” test on what we’re willing to put up with in the interests of free speech?

    Pessimism of the intellect, optimism of the will..aren’t the vast majority of people who might agree with even a portion of their message completely turned off by their behavior?

  2. Actually, O’Reilly is much more reasonable than one might think from his reputation. He often takes on people who say wacko things about the president, for instance. He has also frequently pointed out the need for solutions to the health care issues of pre-exisiting condition coverage prohibitions, even acknowledging the reasonableness of the argument for a public option, as opposed to just dismissing it altogether. These aren’t “devil’s advocate” positions either–he is forthright about them.

    Seriously, don’t watch him when he’s interviewing liberals. That will indeed be irritating (if one is a liberal). Watch him when he interviews conservative types. I think you might find it enlightening.

  3. “yes, even you, you vicious set of ignorant bigots, you get to have your say and Americans will judge your message by your works”

    Yes. Phelps and his cult (they ARE a cult, 90% of the “church” are members of his family) are reprehensible, as is the KKK which the ACLU takes flack for defending. But free speech means for everyone, even those we find repulsive.

  4. But, Bridgett, I think that’s why this is absolutely the right outcome. The courts ruled correctly–that they can indeed do this crap, no matter how vile.

    And Bill O’Reilly acted correctly, and made sure this wouldn’t be any worse for a grieving father than it has to be.

  5. O’Reilly is a brilliant business man. Tell the “folks” what they want to hear and get paid well for it.

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