All that M-F-er Stuff

People, the wall has been breached. My mom sat in the bathroom, reading Tiny Cat Pants on the iPod Touch in secrecy. And then she came out and had advice.

Mainly that I should not use “all that M-F-er stuff” so much.

In other news, my dad was telling me all about this couple in their neighborhood, who my parents adore, and who are their first lesbian friends. I know. But my dad is telling me all about how they’re just like a “regular” couple. They refer to each other as “she” and “her” and they hold hands sometimes, etc, and they love each other, etc. You know, regular things that couples do when they’ve been together for thirty years.

And then my dad says, “They don’t rub it in your face.”

But people. They live together. They hold hands. They speak sweetly to each other. They act like an old married couple.

And so I just blurted out, “My god, what did you think they would rub in your face, exactly?!”

And then he got mad at me.

But I’m still laughing about it.

In other, other news, we got another tree, this time for the back yard. More later.