Shorter Campfield: Laws are for Little People

Stacey Campfield wants to make all kinds of laws that affect the quality of your life, invasive laws that often revolve around how lying bitches are cheating the menz or about lying to children about gay people.

He, however, doesn’t even think he should have to follow basic traffic laws.

Is it really too much to ask that lawmakers practice following the laws that exist before they move on to writing new laws?

10 thoughts on “Shorter Campfield: Laws are for Little People

  1. Had he done this about anywhere else I don’t think it would be half as mindboggling.

    But really … an assigned space in a private parking garage across the street, and he parks on the sidewalk? Not to mention … has a floor session ever started even remotely close to on time? Surely there’d be a resolution to commemorate that.

    If he was so late he couldn’t park in his spot and run across the Plaza, he wasn’t trying hard enough to be there.

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  3. It probably had ‘House’ plates. Members of the general assembly get special license plates for whichever chamber they serve in.

  4. Actually, W, it didn’t have the special plates, as you can see in the KNS photo (which I blurred out at my place). Just regular Knox County tags.

  5. Also, the parking garage at Legislative Plaza isn’t even a block away, it’s around the corner from Stacey’s “creative” parking job.

    I don’t know how he does it, but Stacey continually blows my mind. What a sad, sorry excuse for a human being, let alone a state legislator.

  6. Samantha they usually have those plates on the front of their car. Campfield actually settled that particular question on his own blog though. He said he told the guards it was his car and he would be back for it after the vote.

    Of course he included the obligatory ‘everyone does it’ comment. People do park there regularly, but I’ve never seen a car on the sidewalk rather than the street.

  7. Well, this is swell. So now, any fool with some fertilizer and a grudge knows all he has to do is snag a legislator’s car to plant his bomb in, because it can be left on the street (or sidewalk) in front of the Capitol?!

    At some point, all you can do is shake your head.

  8. Unless I’m severely mistaken, about anyone who works on the Hill can have those plates W is talking about.

    So, to B’s point – anyone that can get their hands on a generic, official-looking license plate can park there now?

  9. Campfield says it was allowed because he identified himself to the troopers at the entrance and told them it was his car.

    I actually know one or two people who work for non-legislative state agencies that have the plates. To further the discussion…… busses and such park at the Charlotte entrance to the Capital regularly. I’m not sure if the Capital Police have a procedure for that or what.

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