The Tennessee State Library and Archives

In honor of The Tennessee State Library and Archives*, I have been reading about weeping willows. I have learned a number of interesting things. One, they can grow up to ten feet a year. Two, it might have been a little obnoxious for me to put this right inside the property line where it will surely shed all over the neighbor’s yard, too. But three, it should do wonders for drying out that part of the yard.

I’m so excited by it that I’m almost tempted to go get another one to put in the low spot by the creek.

And, four, they are a woo-woo plant, with all kinds of woooooooOOOOooooo superstitions and beliefs attached to them. Surely my neighbor will see how awesome they are and how it will be wonderful as it drys out the wet spot between us.

*The humor of naming the tree that could only be topped by my desire to have a pet named “Uncle Bruce,” since my dad and his brother seem determined to name their animals after our relatives and I want to carry on the family tradition and be obnoxious.

6 thoughts on “The Tennessee State Library and Archives

  1. Ha, I doubt one tree, even a tree as marvelous as the Tennessee State Library and Archives, is going to fix my flooding problem.

    I could still use advice.

  2. I was actually thinking the other way. If you fix the problem the tree may not get enough water anymore.

  3. You’d also best be careful or you may get up one morning to find Mr. Campfield parked illegally in front of it.

  4. I’m thinking you need to bring your neighbors some cookies in exchange for putting up a tree that may shade where they don’t want shade. Not that I’m biased about this based on my own next-door-neighbor’s tree-planting behavior, of course.

  5. If it’s on a little hill, or near one, and your neighbors have kids in 3-5 years, you’ve done a wonderful thing for them. Weeping willows are my favorite trees, have been since my childhood swinging from the branches of one at my grandparents house.

    They are truly magical trees :)

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