Isn’t This Just Your Face?

Over at The 9513, they’re talking about the Billy Joe Shaver trial and they report the following testimony: “Coker said he had been shot ‘in the mustache area.'”

Now they don’t discuss this over at The 9513 and I don’t have anyone from Nashville Cream on Google Talk, so I am out of music experts to ask (though I guess I could ask some gun nuts). but isn’t your “mustache area” your face?!

I know this is serious and I shouldn’t laugh, but I love that sentence–“Coker said he had been shot ‘in the mustache area.'” And I almost love the fact that Shaver asked him where he wanted it just as much.

Allergies and Tent Caterpillars

For the first time in years, my allergies are trying to do me in. Oh, sure, I have gotten sneezes and watery, itchy eyes every year. But the full blown groggy-headed sniffling dripping mess? This is an old friend I was hoping to have grow out of.

Speaking of things I hate, the tent caterpillars are back. I spent the time before W. got here yesterday cutting the low lying nests out of the tree, but there are still three way, way at the top. Wikipedia’s big suggestion for getting rid of them?

People, I am not even kidding you.

Placing a bucket near the tree so that they will climb in it and drown.

Why would they climb in the bucket in the first place? Why wouldn’t they look in the bucket, see their drowned brothers and sisters and turn back?

One website said “Encourage birds to eat them.”

Do I leave the birds a note? Go talk enthusiastically to them about the joys of eating tent caterpillars? I mean, I have a ton of birds in my yard. If they don’t look over into that tree and see the tent caterpillars, I’m not sure what I can do to make them.