Name Names or Shut Up, Gail Kerr

Gail Kerr is scolding some folks for referring to Kim McMillan as “Kimmie Mac.” I, in return, am going to scold Gail Kerr by saying, “Name names, or shut up.”

Really, if you have a beef with the way folks on the internet have been carrying on, a big enough beef that you’re going to get all high and mighty in your newspaper column in order to chastise them, then have the courage of your convictions. Name them.

Don’t be lecturing your readers about the wonders of feminism and what a badass you’ve had to be in order to be treated fairly as a woman unless you’re going to actually act as a badass and name names.

No, truly, fuck it. How is naming names even the badass position? It’s the position of fairness and journalistic integrity. Not naming names, but just complaining about people who are then supposed to guess if maybe you mean them? That’s passive-aggressive and manipulative. Name names.

Except, if Kerr names names, then it becomes apparent she’s complaining about poor old Tom Humphrey and Adam Fucking Kleinheider, who doesn’t even have a job any more.

Yes, the biggest offender, by far, is a guy who doesn’t even have a job any more.

You win, Kerr! SouthComm has purged the bad guy from its midst already. Pat yourself on the back about that.

But before you get too self-congratulatory, maybe check your use of “boy” in your column. If you think diminutive gendered terms suck and must end, don’t do it to others. Walk the walk or mind your business about whether women younger than you are properly appreciative of your feminism.

7 thoughts on “Name Names or Shut Up, Gail Kerr

  1. Nobody calls Ramsey “Ronnie Ram” because it sounds like a porn name. Even just reading that makes me want to throw up.

    Nicknames aren’t always an indicator of otherness. Sometimes they are signals that you, in fact, belong.

  2. Doesn’t Didn’t Kleinheider use nicknames for pretty well every politician he didn’t like? I happen to hate the use of these names; I think they are usually used to dismiss; but you’d have to show that the persons using them were not using them for men to make her point about sexism stick.

  3. I’m sorry but why is “Kimmie Mac” even offensive? I found it kind of endearing. But I mean, jeebus. What a stupid thing to get upset about.

    Nicknames *can* be used to dismiss but not always, and indeed sometimes it’s how “branding” works. As Samantha points out, it’s a way of personalizing people. Look at McDonald’s calling itself “Mickey D’s.”

    Seriously, who even cares. It’s not like there isn’t more important stuff going on in this state to write a column about.

  4. You go, B! Gail had to go badass to get her propers as a woman professional?! Yeah, if browbeating subordinates (many of them women) when she was in Gannett management qualifies. While she does some good work, she, like too many of our sisters, thinks you have to be a beeyatch to be taken seriously. Doesn’t work that way. Come off the pedestal, Gail. Very unbecoming.

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