I am so sunburnt from Mule Day I can’t even tell you. We had to go to Target and get Solarcaine and I couldn’t even wait to get out of the store to put it on. It has faded a lot on my arms, but my forehead is still a mess. I went out to do some weeding this morning and even the morning sun was too much on my face.

I’m not sure I will be able to leave the house. But there are no cookies in the house. So, I have quite a dilemma.

Mule Day, otherwise, was a good time. We missed the parade, because I thought it ended at the park so we went and walked around and looked at all the booths and such, only to discover that we weren’t going to see the parade. But then! When we left, all the folks who had mules and horses were making their way back to the park, so we pretty much got to see the part of the parade my parents would have most enjoyed.

Then we came home and got the plants I got with my Bates groupon in the ground. Okay, really, Mom did all that because I was a sneezing mess. But I watched and took things out of their containers!

I’m a little sad I’m not going to be doing more gardening today, but what can you do? The sun burns you; you cannot burn the sun in revenge.

I guess I could drape a sheet over my whole body, and cut me some eye-holes, and weed well-protected from the sun, but I don’t want to be mistaken for a ghost or a KKK member so I will not. I’m just saying, I see the practicality in draping a sheet over me in order to garden.

But the good thing about the outdoors is that it’s not going anywhere. I can get to it later.

In other news, the gubernatorial candidates have come out on social issues. I’m already hearing this “Well, why shouldn’t I vote for Haslam if the Democrats aren’t going to run anyone left of him?” and I would say a.) because voting for a Republican because the Democrats won’t run someone more liberal will, in fact, do nothing to convince the Democrats to run someone more liberal. They will, almost assuredly, get the opposite message.

But, more importantly, b.) though the difference in McWherter v. these other fools might be mere inches, they are crucial inches, the inches on a cliff ledge between solid ground and open space.

I’m not madly in love with McWherter, but I tell you what. I sure as hell don’t want those other bozos in charge.

And if you aren’t a straight, white, Protestant, married man with no friends or loved ones different than you, neither should you, “I’m voting Republican to send a message to the Democrats” folks.

11 thoughts on “Confined?

  1. This is going to sound really disgusting, but…

    A few years ago, I got a heinous sunburn. I was standing in the skincare aisle of my local Kroger when an older gentleman saw me and approached. He told me how was a veteran of WWII and served in the Pacific. During their time there, he and his fellow soldiers endured some really wicked sunburns. He said to go over a few aisles and get some white vinegar, to put it in bathwater and also to put a compress of it on any facial areas.

    Yes, it stinks to high heaven, but it works. It took the sting out & the redness went away within a day or so. I swear by that method to this day.

  2. And if you aren’t a straight, white, Protestant, married man with no friends or loved ones different than you, neither should you, “I’m voting Republican to send a message to the Democrats” folks.


    As I’ve said earlier in the week, if you say you’re a “Democrat for Haslam” because McWherter isn’t progressive enough for you, go ahead and lop that first word right the hell off, because you are the reason the Democratic Party keeps moving rightward.

  3. Sadly, McWherter is probably as good as it’s going to get for liberals in Tennessee in the current political environment.

    I was surprised and pleased to see that he took a stand in support of Planned Parenthood’s family planning services in Tennessee. I hope he did not shoot himself in the foot in doing it, though. I can see the radical Republicans (and is there any other kind in this state?) using it against him and branding him the “pro-Planned Parenthood candidate.” To them, he might as well have come out and said, “I support sacrificing newborn babies to Satan.” Seriously. Count on seeing attack ads that say, “McWherter supports Planned Parenthood, that radical organization that promotes abortion in Tennessee.”

    Just for the record, Planned Parenthood doesn’t “promote” abortion. However, it does support a woman’s right to have access to safe abortions provided by trained and licensed medical personnel. Outlawing or restricting legal abortion in Tennessee will drive women to seek out unsafe abortions…or try to do it themselves. There are always going to be some women who will do anything to end an unwanted pregnancy.

  4. My solution to the “why shouldn’t I vote for Haslam if the Dems won’t run someone more liberal” is to WRITE IN A CANDIDATE. Come on, people. Here, I will give you a candidate: vote for Cleo, my dog. She’s awesome. She’s old, and wise, and doesn’t fart, and is part Rhodesian Ridgeback, part Chocolate Lab and basically sleeps all day. She came from Metro Animal Control so she had a hard life and she will be very compassionate, unless you are a squirrel in which case all bets are off.

    So there.

  5. I was thinking of investigating the Green candidate. I’m pretty sure no dog can meet the age requirements.

  6. I have in the past and am more than willing in the future to vote canine.

    I had an idea for a short story once where someone’s dog actually got elected to local office because people were so disgusted with the candidates the political machines offered. But I couldn’t really think of where to take it beyond that basic premise.

    Might be a cute screenplay in there.

    Anyway, Vote Cleo Beale! She won’t raise your taxes but then, she won’t do anything else, either! Tea Partiers might like that …

  7. Pfft, silly SoBeale. Tea Partiers don’t like anything. And besides, you did say chocolate lab.

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