Full Day is Full

We went to the park. We had lunch. I got my oil changed. I planted marigolds. I sat out by the flowers, just watching them grow. I weeded around the tea rose (wow, leather gloves sure make the easier!). And I wrote a park review for Pith.

The chamomile is so cute I about can’t even describe it. It just looks so happy and a little whimsical.  And the azalea is in full bloom. I can’t wait for the Professor to see everything tomorrow. She hasn’t even been here since we planted the magnolia or the willow.

So, with the planting of the marigolds, all that’s left to be planted are the sunflowers and the vegetables. I think I can get the vegetables in next weekend–that’s my hope anyway. And I have some wildflowers to go in the muddy spot, but I’ll have to do a little something to try to get those beds ready. Not very ready, obviously, since the point is to put stuff there that won’t require a lot of work. But I can get down some of the weeds.

Oh, shoot, and the hollyhocks for in front of the shed! We’ve got to get them in.

So, clearly, I’m not as far along as I thought I was. But I think I’m over the planting hump.