The Butcher is Home!

Today I went to Vincennes to pick up the Butcher who has been roaming around Downstate Illinois for a week. I have missed the fuck out of my dear brother, I tell you what.  I’m sure Mrs. Wigglebottom has missed him, too, but she got to spend the day on a play date with the Professor so seeing the Butcher again couldn’t really top that.

Anyway, I pointed at things in Vincennes and the Butcher took pictures of them. We tried to find the French folks, since they were Bridgett’s old running buddies, so we looked all over the cemeteries but couldn’t really find any French folks old enough. So, of course, later, we found the “French and Indian” cemetery.

Anyway, Vincennes is not that far from our house, just about 3 1/2 hours. And, folks, here is the best part! When you’re on the Pennyrile parkway, there are all these signs making sure you know that this is the future I-69 corridor (yes, rest of the world, the most immature country on the planet has an interstate named I-69 and we’re all supposed to somehow manage not to snicker at the thought of it). Right now, the future I-69 corridor dead-ends at Lover’s Lane in Hopkinsville, Kentucky!

I’m not even kidding you! I told the Butcher that we must be there on the opening day of the interstate to get a picture of the I-69 Lover’s Lane exit, when it exists.

Also, we were wondering about the feasibility of having a tug of war between downtown and East Nashville.

Just to throw that out there.