Representative Matthew Hill Doesn’t Even Know What an IUD is, But He Still Thinks He Should be Able to Legislate What Goes on in Your Uterus

That’s the thing that always gets me about this stuff. These guys don’t even know how women’s bodies work; they don’t know anything about types of birth control, or what equipment is used when or for what, but, by god, they’re going to legislate about it. And they have no shame about it. They’re not even embarrassed when they don’t know something. I mean, somehow, in this whole exchange, it’s Richardson who’s out of order. And why?

I guess because she had the temerity to point out that Representative Hill had no idea what the fuck he was talking about?

I’ll be honest. I don’t know if Richardson has a point or not. Most forms of birth control she’s talking about prevent an egg from being fertilized and only have a very slight chance of maybe causing a fertilized egg not to implant. Pregnancy is, by definition, when a fertilized egg implants in a uterus (which, these folks tend to forget, is a woman’s body part).

I was about to correct Richardson, but then I realized, she’s a colleague of these hubristic idiots. They may indeed believe that, when the sperm meets the egg, a child is magically produced, regardless of whether that fertilized egg implants and a pregnancy occurs. They may, indeed, be convinced that all birth control is abortion. It’s not hard to imagine them trying to outlaw birth control next.

I mean, when you see them calling Richardson out of order for revealing that Hill has no idea what he’s talking about, you start to believe that this is about making sure the women stay properly under the control of men, whether or not those men know what they’re talking about.

Over at Your Liberal Friends, they have a list of Democratic jackasses. Sooner or later, someone’s going to have to do a little blogger outreach to Ty Cobb. We can’t have a young guy who doesn’t think this shit through, because we don’t want to be stuck with him being a bozo for the next 20 years, you know?

Elected King

I’m working on a post for Pith about Ramsey’s desire to have the Legislature force the Attorney General to file a lawsuit against the Federal Government, when such action seems to me to be in direct violation of the State Constitution. The Judicial branch is supposed to be separate from the legislative branch. The Legislature can’t dictate to the Attorney General what specific cases he has to take up since the State Legislature is neither the boss of the Attorney General nor somehow above the Judicial Branch in some kind of hierarchy of the state.

There’s an irony in violating the State Constitution in order to “defend” the Federal Constitution, which is made greater when one considers that the would-be violator wants to run the state.

But the thing that concerns me most is that a couple of people running for governor seem not to understand that they’re not running to be king of the state for four years. They aren’t just going to sit in the Governor’s office and point at things and say “Make it so!”

I worry about this on the left, too, with the amount of people who are mad at Obama for not, say, making gay marriage legal. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of folks who mean “I’m pissed that Obama is not throwing his political weight around in order to pressure Congress to act on this.” That’s cool. I’m not talking to you people.

I’m concerned about the folks who seem to think we elected Our Dictator and fuck him if he’s not waking every day to point at our issues and saying, “Make it so!”

I’m wondering how many people in this country, even people who get elected to office and who make runs for governor, don’t really understand how our government is set up and how it functions. It kind of concerns me.