Slight Fact-Check of Tom Humphrey

Tom Humphrey writes:

Attorney General Bob Cooper says in a formal opinion that the ban on abortion coverage in health insurance in HB2686 could include such ‘morning after’ pills as RU-486.

The highlighted section is false. RU-486 is not a ‘morning after’ pill. It is in clinical trials to be used as a form of pre-implantation birth control, but it is not okayed for use in the manner in the US now. RU-486 ends pregnancy. It is commonly referred to as the abortion pill.

It is a very different thing than the ‘morning after’ pill, which is a high dose of the hormones found in regular old birth control pills. It only prevents pregnancy. It does not stop a pregnancy already in progress.

To conflate the two is very, very sloppy in the least.

But here’s the thing–if the reporters who cover the Hill don’t understand the basics about birth control and the people who represent us don’t understand the basics about birth control, doesn’t that scare you a little bit?

It does me.


12 thoughts on “Slight Fact-Check of Tom Humphrey

  1. It scares me, but not just because they’re reporting on things they don’t understand and legislating on it. It scares me because not understanding how birth control works is not understanding how human reproduction works.

    I have a hard time trusting anyone who’ll put their junk in something they don’t understand.

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  3. There may be some willful ignorance involved. Anti-choicers are not really big into women’s reproductive freedom, so I’m guessing both pills are considered much the same, whichever side of conception they interfere with the work of the Almighty Sperm and prevent those sinful sluts from getting the pregnancy they deserve.

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  5. It does kind of blow your mind, doesn’t it? I mean, I guess in general it’s OK if some people don’t know the basic science behind reproductive science. For example, I can’t remember what the prostate does. But I also don’t send my lack of knowledge out into the world at fact where it can influence folks who have even less knowledge.

    Also, @ Samantha Y,

    “I have a hard time trusting anyone who’ll put their junk in something they don’t understand.”

    This statement can be applied to so many situations, it about makes my head spin.

  6. Sam is so right on this. You don’t learn what you don’t want to know. Sexually active people usually don’t lack for resources or opportunities to learn accurate information about how their bodies works; it might take some effort, but so does sex. They don’t know because it’s convenient not to know, or they feel that reproductive knowledge is sinful, or what all.

  7. On the other hand, it’s not imperative for a person to fully understand all the details of conception/contraception … as long as that person freely admits that he has no right to (1) legislate what half the population may do with their own bodies, or (2) explain the issues to others.

    If you wanna stay dopey, keep your hands off the throttle of government. If you can’t be bothered to learn the facts, why would you think you’re qualified to be a reporter?

    With respect , I don’t believe this is an issue of “icky.” It is an issue of “I’ve got an agenda,” compounded by “lazy.”

  8. I’ve recently had to explain to a guy I work with(who’s in his 60’s) that having sex while you’re pregnant will *not* start another baby.

    I can cut him some slack since he’s gay and hasn’t had to deal with women’s bodies much, but still!!! Basic knowledge!!!!

  9. Yeah, it’s funny. When bloggers like Amanda Marcotte first started saying, “They’re coming after your birth control,” or when I said, “They will fuck over women who’ve miscarried, just you wait,” I think folks thought it was hyperbole.

    And here we are living the hyperbole. And I think the confusion is both deliberate and not. Anti-women folks are counting on lazy people to continue to buy them cover, to make it seem as if everyone is just lazily ignorant, while they are deliberately trying to undermine a woman’s basic right to have a body that does shit that the legislature can’t regulate.

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