What’s Up with Bredesen?

I’ve heard the Commercial Appeal has a policy of not linking to bloggers. It’s so cute when newspapers think they can just asshole the internet into working how they want it to work. It’d be cuter if it didn’t affect friends of mine, but it’s still cute, like they still think they control the flow of information.

But it brings up a dilemma. If you read something at the Commercial Appeal that delights you, but you know those fuckers have a policy of not linking to bloggers, should you bother to link to them? I mean, I don’t mind if people who don’t know about bloggers don’t link to bloggers, but to want to be on the internet and to want to be taken seriously while still thinking you can dictate who your readers pay attention to?

It’s pretty funny to me.

Good luck, Commercial Appeal! I’m sure the next time your owner puts you all on furlough while he builds himself another vacation house or pays to have 25 women, all painted in gold-leaf, cut his toenals while he opens milk just to let it go bad, you can at least take comfort in knowing you refused to link to bloggers!!!!!

Anyway, Bredesen’s totally pwning (that’s an internet word, Commercial Appeal–don’t be frightened. You can learn about it from watching G4 on your television.) Ron Ramsey today. Ron Ramsey, who has a commercial so stupid that, when the Butcher saw it for the first time last night, he asked if it was a parody commercial made by the McWherter campaign. I will have to ask an 11-year-old whether that means Ramsey pwned himself on behalf of McWherter or what?

Ha, okay, I’m done giving shit to the Commercial Appeal.  Here’s the link.

(And, yeah, I know the Tennessean is just as bad. I mean, when was the last time you saw these yahoos link to a blogger? But I haven’t heard that they’ve been forbidden from doing so. I assume they’re just ignoring us.)

5 thoughts on “What’s Up with Bredesen?

  1. Just when I think that you can’t get any more awesome, you turn the word “asshole” into a verb. A VERB! That is some advanced cussin’.

    It’s almost enough to get me to go borrow a hat from the husband so I can tip it to you.

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  3. Just to comment on the original article……

    Every year at budget time Campfield likes to mention how Bredesen serves up these rising budgets and throw in some apocolyptic alternitives. Like this year’s ‘raise the tax cap or cut every state employee’s salary 5%’. So then he gets the legislature to do his dirty work.

    There are some holes in this reasoning, but in general it rings true to me. Which is kinda a novelty when it comes to Campfield.

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