The Vegetables are In!

With the exception of the corn, I busted my butt when I got home from work and got the bed ready and the plants and seeds in. I even scattered the wildflower seeds. So, you know what this means.

Bring on the rain!

Tornadoes skip us!

Daydream with Me, Tennessee Democrats

The look on my face if I ever received a press release of joy from the TNDP.

Imagine a Friday that goes by without a press release from the TNDP. Instead, it comes on a day of the week when people are actually paying attention. It contains something other than “TNDP Chair has an unsettling emotion about something a Republican has done, that until now, would have remained completely unnoticed by most people.”

Perhaps this new kind of press release could tell us something about something cool a state legislator has been up to:

“Representative So-and-so pushes for a law that would protect cute puppies from having their eyeballs poked out.”

Or tells us about an exciting Democratic candidate:

“Candidate So-and-so is a great admirer of cake and he hopes to work to protect our cake-making heritage.”

Or it could rally us around a cause:

“Democrats should be alarmed by cake-disparaging puppy-eyeball poking-out! Call your state senator or state representative and tell them to vote against cake-disparaging and puppy-eyeball poking-out!”

Or it could tell us about events:

“On May 22nd, everyone is invited out to Aunt B.’s house for cake-eating and puppy admiring!”

Or it would tell the media about something the Democrats are doing:

“Democrats rally around cake! And puppies! And press releases that don’t give free publicity to Republicans!”

Or what we stand for:

“Democrats demand… um… something! Cake! Puppies! Jobs! etc.”

Not one word would it contain about Chip Forrester’s feelings on any c-list matter. Not one word would it contain giving free publicity to Republicans.

It would be the most awesome press release, ever.


Whew, I’d like it to rain every day for many days (without the threat of tornadoes), but I’d like for it to do so after I get my vegetables in. Which is probably not going to happen, unless I come home directly from work and bust ass in a manner above and beyond my normal level of willingness to bust ass on a Friday night.

But man, it would be awesome to put everything in and then have three or four days of rain on it…

In other news, my neighbors left us mint, just on the washing machine. I stuck it in the ground but it remains to be seen if it’s going to forgive humanity for the time it spent out of the soil. I think, however, if I can get just one sprig to live, it will happily spread all over, so that’s my goal–just one.

Also, I’m developing some thoughts about the irises. And the daffodils. It may be a lot more work than I want to take on, but I’m thinking of a major iris/daffodil adjustment in my yard.