Daydream with Me, Tennessee Democrats

The look on my face if I ever received a press release of joy from the TNDP.

Imagine a Friday that goes by without a press release from the TNDP. Instead, it comes on a day of the week when people are actually paying attention. It contains something other than “TNDP Chair has an unsettling emotion about something a Republican has done, that until now, would have remained completely unnoticed by most people.”

Perhaps this new kind of press release could tell us something about something cool a state legislator has been up to:

“Representative So-and-so pushes for a law that would protect cute puppies from having their eyeballs poked out.”

Or tells us about an exciting Democratic candidate:

“Candidate So-and-so is a great admirer of cake and he hopes to work to protect our cake-making heritage.”

Or it could rally us around a cause:

“Democrats should be alarmed by cake-disparaging puppy-eyeball poking-out! Call your state senator or state representative and tell them to vote against cake-disparaging and puppy-eyeball poking-out!”

Or it could tell us about events:

“On May 22nd, everyone is invited out to Aunt B.’s house for cake-eating and puppy admiring!”

Or it would tell the media about something the Democrats are doing:

“Democrats rally around cake! And puppies! And press releases that don’t give free publicity to Republicans!”

Or what we stand for:

“Democrats demand… um… something! Cake! Puppies! Jobs! etc.”

Not one word would it contain about Chip Forrester’s feelings on any c-list matter. Not one word would it contain giving free publicity to Republicans.

It would be the most awesome press release, ever.

21 thoughts on “Daydream with Me, Tennessee Democrats

  1. I get what you’re saying, but I do think it’s worth pointing out that Roe celebrated the stimulus project while voting and speaking out against the bill in the first place.

    But then again, you know damn well that if the Republicans were able to frame cake-eating and puppy-admiring as an invasion of the federal government into states’ rights, Democrats would roll right over and come out in support of cake-bashing and puppy abuse. Because it would be what their constituents want, and maybe they could pick up a few more centrist votes for doing it.

  2. Don’t get me wrong. I think pointing out what a dumbass hypocrite Roe is is totally worth it and totally appropriate. But every damn week I get a press release like this and every damn week it’s Chip Forrester v. some Republican.

    Can we ALSO have press releases that tell us about stuff Democrats are up to?

    I mean, I’m sure Forrester is a fine dude, but unless he’s running for office, I don’t really need to know where he stands on every issue, you know?

  3. On May 22nd, everyone is invited out to Aunt B.’s house for cake-eating and puppy admiring!

    Hey, don’t bury the lede!

  4. Aunt B.,

    I love the idea. Both parties could benefit from your advice. The problem is that most press types in politics come out of campaign schools rather than from some background where positive communications are valued.

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  6. I dunno, Mark. Wouldn’t someone with campaign experience know better than to release stuff on Friday if they want to get people talking about it?

  7. NM,

    You would think so. But remember that promotion in politics has more to do with connections than with competence. Telling the boss that sending out x release or using y photo is a bad idea can be a career killer. Especially when the highly paid consultant who has five other races going on has decided this is the right thing.

    Also, in part thanks to campaign finance laws, more and more staffers are young people from wealthy families who can afford to work for beer money rather than a salary. And giving them jobs helps coax contributions out of their families.

  8. Shockingly enough, most political bosses can take alternate suggestions without throwing a fit, especially if the voice delivering this opinion is a trusted advisor. In fact, many political bosses actually ask for opinions before making moves. That way, you know, if it goes bad THEN you can fire your aides.


    Are you seeing the emperor’s clothes?

  9. Mark, my love affair with Chip Forrester was wholly invented by commenters at Post Politics, who apparently had enough pull to make that the truth.

    I’ve never even met the dude.

    But I won’t forget my good will being thrown back in my face by entrenched Democrats, believe me.

  10. Mark,

    My point is that the system tends to advance people who won’t make the best decisions because too much emphasis is given to factors other than competence. And the same is true for candidates too.

  11. Mark Rogers, please! We’re in Tennessee. We have 14 year olds running campaigns. I’m pretty sure folks will advance who’s ever willing to work, at this point!

    Ha, ha, ha, I mean, I’m willing to concede there’s no meritocracy, if you’re willing to concede there’s no well-organized good ole boys club. No one in this state is that well-organized.

  12. Aunt B., the problem is that most of those 14 year olds are not there because they have proven their abilities at campaigning but because they are children of contributors or are friends of prominent party figures.

    I agree that it isn’t a good ole boys club thing. It is just how the parties do things. But it is bad for the parties and that is bad for our democracy.

  13. Yeah, Mark R is right abt many rising in the party because of their relationship to money. But nepotism isn’t a disease that plagues only local Dems. Also, a lot of times what ppl think is nepotism is just someone with clout making an introduction. And it’s more complicated than that, often. Smart people are building allegiances, looking at who is going to help down the road. Let me stick this smart person in this campaign, let them get tested in battle, show them love later if they’re worth it. At the very least, he/she will be able to give me the inside scoop.

    I have my own opinions abt why the brain trust seems empty, but I’m just an sideline observer now.

  14. Well, god damn it, this is a blog! We’re all sideline observers. Bring on your sideline observations tinged with hard-earned experience.

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  16. This is awesome! Count me in on May 22nd for the cake-eating and puppy-admiring! I’ll bring the potato salad!

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