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In the olden days, I never, ever got ticks. Since moving to Whites Creek, I get ticks all the time. I get at least a tick, but usually two or three, when I go out to Bells Bend. My one day high is 12, which was, until that day, twice the amount of ticks I’d had in my whole life. The Bells Bend ticks are black.

Today I pulled two small red ticks off me. I had been briefly to a park to review it for Pith, but mostly I had been out in the back yard with the Professor planting sunflowers.

I have checked the dog and cats and none of them have ticks. We Frontline them, but Frontline doesn’t repel ticks, it just kills them, so if we were in a particularly ticky place, you’d think we’d all be particularly ticky.

But no, it’s just me.

It about makes me not want to go outside any more, but I can’t not go outside. I have flowers and vegetables to tend!

I joked about getting a small, diaper-wearing chicken to roam me and eat the ticks off of me, because I read online that the surest way to get rid of ticks is with guinea fowl.

But I am seriously skeeved. Is there something–Deep Woods Off applied every twenty minutes, some pesticide, something, that I can spray on myself to make myself less attractive?

And is there a possibility that it’s not the move, but the metformin?  Could I be altering my body chemistry in such a way that it makes me irresistible to ticks?

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  1. I’ve heard that tea tree oil works really well. I guess you’d just put a few drops of it into your lotion? I haven’t tried it yet, I generally go for heavy layers of deep woods Off or something similar as I seem to be particularly loved by the redbugs, chiggers and mosquitos. And sometimes I do just not go outside. It sucks.

  2. You keep making me paranoid about ticks. Now I am trying to figure out who I can ask to come check me over for ticks, since I fear I might miss a spot.

    But I’ve only once ever had a tick on me. And it was when I sitting next to you and we went out to, oh where was that off 40 maybe Montgomery Bell State Park. I think it was aiming for you but landed on me.

    At least that is what I will keep telling myself to calm me and help me rest assured in the fact that I do not have any ticks on me right now.

  3. Correlation isn’t causation, but I’d think there’s a strong argument for the metformin being the cause. It might be worth mentioning to your doctor.

    As for the diapered chicken, as with all awesome things: pics or it didn’t happen.

  4. We don’t have those kinds of ticks in Australia, but you can certainly alter your attractiveness to blood-sucking insects with medication. Vitamin B6 makes you less attractive to mosquitoes, and that’s certainly related to diet and metabolism. Higher body temperature (pregnant women, for example) are supposed to be more prone to bites.

    I used to think I never got bitten, but actually it turns out that I’m one of the rare people who doesn’t react to mosquito bites (my nana was the same). I don’t get bitten much, and when I do, I don’t react.

  5. Citronella should work, as long as you make sure to really smother yourself in it and replace it once it sweats off. I’ve heard that spiders hate the taste of it, and since they taste with their legs, they won’t go on something that is covered in it. This was on a t.v. show where they were trying to rid someone’s house of cobwebs and the spiders that wove them, but I still think it should work on humans.

    Also, I got a lovely little collection of ticks on one ankle but not the other one day. I think I may have walked through a bedding area for deer that day, which would be a good place for them to hang out in such large numbers. So maybe it partially has to do with where you are going when you go out.

  6. When I was a kid we’d put sulfur dust on our legs to keep off the chiggers. It might work for ticks.
    it will turn silver jewelry black(super oxidation).

    And I used to react to mosquito bites as a kid but not anymore. And if I do, a small shot of cider vinegar a few days running will make me stop itching. The buzzing about my head is still annoying though..

  7. Avoid places frequented by deer, large dog packs, and 60 minutes correspondents.

    (You know…”tick, tick, tick, tick, tick…..”)

  8. There is a very heavy-grade bug spray that ought to do the trick – you can get it at REI and camping stores. I can’t remember what it’s called, but it’s in a small orange bottle. It’s basically a little spray bottle of 100 percent DEET. You have to be careful with how you use it – it’s pretty nasty stuff – but it does work.

  9. Hm. I’ve been on metformin for years and no ticks. However, I would recommend a pack of guinea fowl. They’re awesome. Really pretty and kind of silly.

  10. Weird. I’m seeing more ticks in my yard this year, too. I thought the cold weather would have killed them, but according to a map I saw, Lyme Disease loves the cold Northeast…

  11. Yeah, I was expecting the cold weather to lower the number of ticks, too, but apparently not.

    Well, so much for comforting myself through the long, cold winter with the thought of fewer ticks.

  12. I think I mentioned something similar before about some flea-related issue, but even tho you’re supposed to “protect/glove/whatever” your hands when you Frontline or Advantage them, I never do and as a result, fleas (and mosquitoes too) seem to dislike me, as well as the dogs, so I would think ticks too (tho I honestly haven’t seen a tick in over 15 years, I guess they don’t like Memphis/my neighborhood/something).

    I wash my hands of course after the Frontline, but it still seems to keep them all off me as well as the dogs, so I recommend it next time you have to do it and see if it makes any difference.

  13. I live in Norwood Ont. Canada we are having a hell of a time with ticks….We have been been here in the country side for 24 years and this is the first time I get them on me every time I garden. We are taking our young pup to start the monthly treatment today we have taken many off him.
    We are getting paranoid always thinking something is on us. It is a serious thing. I will try the T tree oil and see how that works..

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