Too Fat to Fight a Lie?!

I’m about ready to divorce Diet Dr. Pepper and marry this article. I quote the part that made me smile, but you should read the whole thing.

According to the report, hundreds of first-term enlistees are discharged every year for being unable to control their weight. (The retired generals blame this rate of attrition for $60 million in additional training costs.) But discipline isn’t the problem. For these oversized soldiers, not even the hyper-controlled environment of an Army barracks—and the motivational tactics of the nation’s drill sergeants—can provide for lasting weight loss. The “Military Leaders for Kids” get the picture: Diet and exercise don’t work over the long term.

5 thoughts on “Too Fat to Fight a Lie?!

  1. You left off the next sentence:

    “That’s why they’re pushing a structural fix for obesity, school lunch reform.”

    It’s still a worthy goal even if not for the reason they’re pushing.

  2. Goldnl, by the time they figure out that school lunch reform, while a good thing for everyone, won’t eliminate obesity, it’ll be too late to pull back and say “wait! Let’s go back to giving kids crappy lunches!”

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