God, What if McCain Had Won?

The President is supposed to uphold the Constitution. And yet, McCain seems to have given up on the Constitution and switched, instead, to the abuser’s lament–“You made me do this.”

See, Arizona simply had to enact legislation singling people who look too freshly Mexican out for discrimination because Obama didn’t act swiftly enough.

I don’t have a whole lot to say about Arizona. What they’re doing is obviously wrong. I hope it will be swiftly overturned. I think that goes without saying.

But I can’t let the abuser’s lament pass unremarked upon. Folks always tell you who they are, you know?

3 thoughts on “God, What if McCain Had Won?

  1. I’ve just finished reading a book about how to recognize/deal with people without a conscience, and one of the signs is someone who hurts you or other people but then ‘actively campaigns for your sympathy’.

    Seems like McCain’s there already.

  2. And I think you may see one of the many reasons why I adamantly refused to vote for him even though he was “on my team” or whatever nonsense my mother was preaching.

    For all that I dislike about President Obama, frankly I feared a McCain presidency more. I disagree with Obama’s philosophies. But I think McCain is a psychopath.

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