Who Are These People Who Learn Life Lessons from Gardening?!

I learn nothing profound from gardening. I think gardening makes me stupider. Things go on all the time and you don’t know why, exactly. That plant does this. That plant does that. The tiny lilac remains tiny. You think that thing is dying, but it’s really just about to send something skyward.

Who knows?

Gardening humbles me. I don’t know shit. In the process of learning shit, there’s just more shit I don’t know.

This morning, I was walking through the back yard complaining to myself about how the god damn turkeys don’t come into our yard and eat all the ticks. I mean, what’s the point in having wild turkeys in your neighborhood if they don’t come into the yard and eat your ticks?

And folks, I am not even kidding you, just as I was at the height of my complaining, the dog startled, and I startled, and a huge turkey startled and I screamed and the turkey took off, flying low over the ground, up over Lloyd, and down into the field. Scared the crap out of me. I mean, I honestly didn’t even know that turkeys could fly.  I felt lucky he didn’t attack us.

Anyway, here’s what I have learned–some things in your garden smell good. The irises smell like citrus candy and the white ones smell the strongest. And chamomile smells like apples, weirdly enough.

Also, don’t even think bad thoughts about turkeys or they will get you. Holy shit, that’s a lesson I’m not going to soon forget.

5 thoughts on “Who Are These People Who Learn Life Lessons from Gardening?!

  1. I had one of those experiences with turkeys too. I had no idea they could fly until I was out near Franklin one afternoon with my best friend. We were at her friend’s house – her dog was with us. All of a sudden the dog went tearing out and there was this massive commotion. 3 turkeys… they just went batshit – and one flew about 25 feet up and perched safely in a tree. The other one ran off, and the third one, which was massive, squeezed itself under a shed – a crawl space of about 4 inches. It was wild.

    Gardening has taught me a lot actually. Number one, being there is no therapy like digging in the dirt. When I’m piddling around plants my thoughts are on them, nothing else. It calms me. Also, it’s taught me patience…. I have no control – to a certain degree of what will happen. Things will live or die. Finally, gardening has restored my faith in my abilities. I know very little about what I’m doing – or I knew very little in the beginning. Trial and error works rather well sometimes, ya know?
    But mostly, I’ve found gardening highlights the small miracles of life. I’m completely astounded at how these little things in nature know exactly when to show up and do their thing. I’m continually mesmerized by it all.

  2. “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly”

    Was there a “profound gardener” meme before the movie “Being There”? :)

  3. I once told one of my smallish cats that turkey tastes good when a wild one was hanging out by the chicken’s house. The next week I hear a flapping and there’s this turkey taking off with small cat leaping after it! I had a sudden horrible vision of the turkey flying away with the cat latched onto its tail, but the cat missed. Whew!

    They are big suckers, aren’t they? I’m always surprised when I see them.

  4. It was huge! I really couldn’t believe it when it flew away. That had to be one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen.

    Sure, we’ve seen the turkeys on the ground, but to see it fly? Holy cow.

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