The TNDP is Trying to Kill Me!

Not one week ago, I daydreamed about a day when we would get a press release from the TNDP featuring supportive words about Democrats and nothing about Chip Forrester’s negative feelings about Republicans.

Today, which is NOT A FRIDAY! I received a press release from the TNDP with supportive words about Joe Towns (D – Memphis), about an interesting subject (healthcare reform). And at the end? It outlined ways Democrats could do stuff.

I am not even kidding you.

This is me upon reading said press release:

Ha, and just think, if I ever have to write a post about my trip to the gynecologist, I can totally use this same picture.

I know, it looks like a sad image, but that was just me being overcome by this strange feeling of happiness. Also, quite possibly, I am eating an earthworm. Don’t ponder that picture too deeply.

11 thoughts on “The TNDP is Trying to Kill Me!

  1. If your daydreams are this powerful, would you mind daydreaming next about all law school exams being 8 or 24 hour take-homes, rather than 3 hours and in class? Much appreciated!

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  3. W., I find reading press releases at the gynecologist is a good way to keep my mind off the pap smear, which, for the record, should actually be called the “poke you in the cervix” thingy. I don’t even know what is smeared. It doesn’t feel like anything is smeared.

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