So, Now Kirkland and Smith Say They Lied at the Debate Last Night

They say they never personally gay-bashed anyone. Smith goes so far as to say the following:

“I heard guys that said, ‘If there was a gay dude I knew about, he’d fall down the line or get pushed over’ … but I haven’t actually seen anything like that or seen a blanket party or anything like that,” he said. “… I’ve never known anybody personally to do that.”

So, not only did he never gay bash anyone, he doesn’t know of anyone who did. Kirkland’s people refuse to say.

But let’s remember how this whole thing got started–because someone at the debate asked a question about how gays in the military “drive up federal health care spending because gays live an extremely medically destructive lifestyle.”

The second that bullshit got spewed Kirkland, who, let’s not forget is a medical doctor, had a medical obligation to refute it. He did not. Instead, he joked about how folks in the military “take care of” gay people.  And Smith concurred.

Let me just repeat–when faced with factual untruths (what we better know as lies), both Kirkland and Smith lied in return, in order to make a joke about violence against gay people.

Smith’s daughter is gay. People, what do you even say in the face of that?

I don’t know. This whole thing shows that Kirkland and Smith have an incredibly low opinion of our armed forces, basically saying that, if gays openly served, the military is too weak to successfully integrate them. This is just so patently false I don’t know how active duty folks or their families could vote for them. I don’t know how they’d dare look active duty folks in the eye after this.

Our service members wouldn’t follow orders? The military would fail to deal with rulebreakers appropriately? I mean, just how inept do they thing the current military is?

Just because you’re an asshole doesn’t mean everyone you perceive of as being like you is an asshole.

And Kirkland’s not apologizing because he hasn’t been asked.

Like gay people need to grovel before him before he’ll deign to apologize.

Jeez, good luck moderate Republican voters in the 8th. You’re going to need it.

Edited to add: I’m more and more bothered by the underlying assumption here. It’s one we talk about all the time, I know, but it’s so clear here that I can’t let it go by without comment. Kirkland and Smith think that men are monsters. They think that men who sexually desire other men would rape or molest men in the showers. They think that straight men could not be told not to bash their openly gay comrades. They think that, even if they don’t personally know of any men who’ve assaulted or killed gay men, that it’s a great joke to make at a political event because of course “everyone knows” how men are. They just can’t help themselves. They have to be violent.

Let me be clear. Being a man does not equal being a monster. We can expect more from men then monstrosity. Men who care about their families and who take care of their children and who live their whole lives without ever raping anyone or assaulting gay people are the vast majority.

And yet, the stereotypes we hear about men from men are filled with these monsters who cannot really be trusted to be a part of society.

It’s insulting and it needs to stop. It’s not good for anyone for us all to assume monstrosity is the norm.