Nashville, Go Check In

Over at the Nashvillest, and let everyone know you’re okay. If you’re not from Nashville, you can check in here, if you need to check in some place. I’m looking at you, Hoodoo, Tennessee!

Ha, I just learned today that there’s a Hoodoo, Tennessee.

You know I have to find out more about that.

Edited to add: Or you can check in at Pith.

And We’re the Lucky Ones

This, compared to what folks in the southern part of the county are going through, is nothing. Nothing at all. They’re telling everyone here to stay home.

The Thing I Love Best About Gardening

I was over at Liz’s yesterday picking up some plants and she said, “It takes seven years to grow a garden.” And a chill went down my back. Now, Liz is very practical, so I don’t think she meant it in a woo-woo way but I totally took it in a woo-woo way and I realized–this is what I love about gardening, at least the part that involves other people.

There’s a huge element of woo-woo to it.

People are giving you little pieces of things that are alive and you then do what you think will best keep them that way and you discuss all your theories on what to do when and where to put things and then y’all just wait and see.

It’s corny, but I love it.

It’s raining today and it makes me wish I had a sunroom, because I would love to be out watching this storm roll in. It’s so creepy!

I want to be out finding creepy things to look at!

But I think we’re just going to the new Walmart to try to fix our toilet.

But, hey, it’s Walmart! That is creepy, in a not-fun way, right?