Looking for Updates on the Nashville Situation?

I would just like to reiterate that Christy Frink over at the Nashvillest has great, comprehensive coverage, links to things as they come up. Even if you don’t have a Twitter account, you can follow them here.

I can’t tell you how sick to my stomach it makes me that none of the national news stations are covering this. People are trapped in their homes, drowning in the streets, and the levees may break, and everyone on the national news stations are smiling and talking like there’s not a thing in the world going on.

Our whole region is under water.

And you’d never know it.

We are fucked, people. We’re going to need massive help. And there’s no one to tell the nation.

The Butcher, My Awesome Brother

So, yes, we both woke up late, because the power went out sometime in the night. And I was confused, because there was this silver haze in the window. And then I realized that the whole front yard was under water. Water was flowing everywhere, including into the garage.

And the Butcher just handled it. I was a crying mess, but he got out bags of dirt and sandbagged the garage. He rescued a shovel and the watering can. He waded around the yard rescuing things and moving things up out of the water and taking pictures and just basically handling it.

He even went out and procured some cookies.

Our water is receding, somehow. It’s still raining, but I have to guess that our water is going down because people downstream are suffering. If you’re not seeing it on your news, it’s hard to explain. Whole areas under water, people needing to be rescued, people dying, and the rain is just coming and coming and coming.

If you are seeing it on your news, it’s a weird feeling, like you almost can’t bear to watch any more, but how can you not watch? Not witness for your neighbors what they’re going through?

You want to do something, but there’s nothing to be done. They keep asking people to stay home; that’s what you can do to help, just stay out of the way.

We here, at my house, have been very, very lucky.

The Flood, Day 2