Looking for Updates on the Nashville Situation?

I would just like to reiterate that Christy Frink over at the Nashvillest has great, comprehensive coverage, links to things as they come up. Even if you don’t have a Twitter account, you can follow them here.

I can’t tell you how sick to my stomach it makes me that none of the national news stations are covering this. People are trapped in their homes, drowning in the streets, and the levees may break, and everyone on the national news stations are smiling and talking like there’s not a thing in the world going on.

Our whole region is under water.

And you’d never know it.

We are fucked, people. We’re going to need massive help. And there’s no one to tell the nation.

23 thoughts on “Looking for Updates on the Nashville Situation?

  1. I mean, seriously, you know it’s fucked up when my Facebook account is the source for Nashville news for a lot of people outside the 615.

    From a state employee safely away from the floods: “Nothing on huff po, nothing on CNN, WTF! We are drowning and the country is focused on a firecracker in ny and an oil spill in the gulf. Meanwhile citizens are conducting rescue by candlelight.”

  2. The ABC evening news did cover it tonight, though they certainly aren’t coming back to the story very often. I think the oil spill has them distracted.

    I wish there were something those of us not in your area could do. Worrying seems to be about it for now.

  3. I know, it’s ridiculous. My family in Chicago didn’t even realize what was going on until later this afternoon, and I’m pretty sure my mom only found out because my sister was watching my tweets and told her.

    I don’t understand how we can be a trending topic on Twitter yet no national news channel will fucking acknowledge us. Oh, right: They don’t pay attention to what the people are talking about.

  4. Have no loved ones in TN, but spreading the word where I can. Hoping you and yours will be ok.

  5. Thank you, to the non-Tennessee folks, for spreading the word. I know a lot of us are feeling a growing sense that, if people don’t know how bad it is, because they aren’t seeing it on the news, we won’t get the help we need.

  6. Talked to my daddy in Jackson earlier. His store’s in deep shit and his house is half destroyed (partial roof collapse) and STILL I can’t get any news on this in OK. Some of us are paying attention, lots of us care. Wish I could help, but, for now, all I can do is wish you all well and send you all the thoughts of care, comfort and safety I have.

  7. There are articles in the Commercial Appeal and News-Sentinel today (and presumably the Chattanooga paper as well), but I expect that other than some blurbs in some of our neighboring states’ major papers… well, you know.

    Flipping thru front pages – NYT and LA Times are too busy talking about the failed car bomb (there’s not even a link in the “major US news” links). So is the Washington Post, tho there is a “Tenn. officials brace for more flooding, deaths” on the front page’s other news links.

    Even the Atlanta paper’s not talking about Nashville on the front page, they’re talking about their own storm (which is understandable I guess).

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  9. Just heard a short update on NPR on the flooding, but airline mergers and the oil spill seem to be getting the most attention here near Chicago.

  10. Glad you guys survived. We were extremely lucky. This seriously happened so fast — neighbors helped a woman at the Lipscomb Red Cross shelter who got stuck trying to get meds at the drug store Sunday morning. Her car washed out and her pet bunny had to be rescued from their car.

    Local news was useless on Saturday, all Doppler radar color blobs. The real news was on Twitter where people were posting videos and Twipics showing what was actually happening — you know, news. By Sunday most of the local news outlets had figured out that they were failing and had camera crews on the ground filming what was actually happening.

    I have no idea what the national news was doing because our networks were non-stop flood coverage (and they needed to be…) I did hear that The Weather Channel had dispatched it’s disaster guy to Nashville on Sunday. Everyone was saying that’s a sure sign we’re a disaster area. CNN seemed to have some news but I wasn’t watching it so I don’t know how extensive their coverage was. Sounds like not so much.

    I did get phone calls and e-mails from family and friends out of state so *some* news made it out.

  11. Just got off a 24 hour shift, my crew at station 3 rescued 148 people and 1 dog in the last 24 hours. There were probably well over a thousand rescued city wide and it’s still going on. The TWRA guys were great, I don’t know what we would have done without their boats.

  12. Glad you’re ok. Your national news might not be covering/mentioning the situation in TN, but up here, the Canadian Weather Network had it as part of their newscast over the weekend. I know that probably doesn’t make anyone feel any better about the non-national-coverage in your own country, just adds to the WTF? factor.
    Stay safe.

  13. WOW…..I watched the news this morning and unless there was a brief mention of it at the beginning -there was nothing. The ‘before the weather a disaster’ bit was flooding in Honolulu-and it was nothing compared to you yard!

    The was a bit on the ‘new tech stuff’ about how 80?% of Twitter content is news. The talking head didn’t seem to realize that her job could be made redundant by that..

    Y’all keep safe.

  14. Y’all have been amazing. If there is anything Nashvillians lucky enough to be dry and safe can do to help out, please let us know.

  15. It’s finally starting to hit the national news this morning. Take a look around the web sites now. Part of the problem was that it hit on the weekend…outlets were still focused on the oil spill issue which was held over from last week.

  16. My family in east TN had no idea, either – they were shocked when I told them about our extended power outage, inability to get anywhere, and that portable classroom.

  17. We’ve had some coverage here in indianapolis over the weekend, but not much. And not to add more depressing news, but when this happened in Central Indiana two years ago, not only did we not get much national news, we were also denied federal emergency disater funds because it wasn’t “enough” damage – even though people died, fields and homes were destroyed, businesses were destroyed, and so on. Luckily, our car insurance was awesome and both my boyfriend and I were able to get both flooded cars replaced. But you know, don’t hold your breath for national aid. *sigh*

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  19. Although I’m just watching from the west side of the state, those of us are cutoff who are on Frontier (internet services) due to the flood. If it wasn’t for my Blackberry yesterday, we would have had little information. The fiber optic lines in Nashville were damaged badly.

    The ripple effect ….

    And yes I’m stealing wifi right now from the other company. Was furious that we had so little news available today. Thank goodness for mobile Twitter and Facebook.

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  21. The Internets have been my only source for news here in St. Louis. The same storm system actually came through here on Friday and Saturday nights, but moved out fairly quickly.

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