Come Down to Nashville, Check Out My Fingers, You Tour the Museums… Um, Shoot, Not the Museums… La la la la something, something

It occurs to me that, aside from donating to the Red Cross, the other thing you could do–not right now, but soon–is come here. Come here and spend your motherfucking money like it’s burning a hole in your pocket. Yes, it’s true, much of our cool stuff is fucked. And it will be for a long time. But a lot is not. You can still go to the Frist. Or Cheekwood or the Ryman or… um… well…

Okay, here’s the deal, World. We will put some corny shit together. Hell you can come ghost hunt in my back yard, once I’m certain that the bridges are safe. I will stack a bunch of rocks in a pile near the Kroger and you can visit the stack of rocks and take pictures. We will dye a cat green. We will have a cow-fart sniffing contest. I don’t know. I’m just brainstorming. But what I’m saying is, please come. We will feed you in our delicious restaurants. We will entertain you with our indomitable spirit and our desire to put a singer-songwriter in every space larger than 3×3 and call it a venue. Once we see what all needs to be done, we will put you to work putting us back together.

But please, come. Come and visit. Even if it’s boring and all the stuff you wanted to see is ruined, come anyway, and spend your money and help us get back on our feet.

Here’s something that will make you laugh.

And something that will make you cry:

And something that will make you smile.

12 thoughts on “Come Down to Nashville, Check Out My Fingers, You Tour the Museums… Um, Shoot, Not the Museums… La la la la something, something

  1. Love ya, B. This made me feel a lot better when I imagined a space the size of my hall closet with a singer-songwriter strumming a guitar shoehorned into it, singing about losing his girlfriend and dog when they floated away to Ashland City. It’s good to laugh!

  2. People should come to Nashville this weekend and spend some of their motherfucking money at the TACA craft fair in Centennial Park! There may be a few artists there who didn’t have flood insurance who will be happy to prevent shoppers getting money burns in their pockets. :-)

  3. Dude. So awesome of you to use those lyrics to appeal to folks to come spend their money. We love it! People, come visit!

  4. It’s about time I visited N’ville again, but be forewarned you’ll have to play hostess and the minions will be involved.
    I will totally take pics of your pile o’ rocks. You guys are in my thoughts. Stay safe, stay dry, and stay hopeful.

  5. Taylor, if I were queen of Nashville, I would be writing you a big check right now for rights to use that song in my marketing campaign.

    Alas, my efforts to be elected queen have, so far, been thwarted.

  6. I’ve known Travis Harmon for nearly 25 years, since old ‘Boro days, and have always been so thrilled to see him successful. He has been a hilarious and talented entertainer since he was a teenager. But I can definitely say I’ve never been prouder to know him than I am right now.

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