The “Terror Gap”

Oh, god, liberals. Do not do this. I’m listening to Olbermann talk about legislators want to close the “terror gap” by making it hard for people on watch lists get guns.

And it’s making me agree with Lindsay Graham. How the fuck? He doesn’t believe in Miranda rights. He’s a nutjob.

But people on the mess that is the terror watch list should be able to buy guns.

I’m sorry, but those lists are a joke. They often contain actual terrorists, but there are too many stories of regular people finding themselves on those lists or people who just have the same or similar names of terrorists for us to be using those same lists to deny them their Constitutional rights.

And I am embarrassed by the smug on our side and the idiocy on the other.

Shape up, people.

4 thoughts on “The “Terror Gap”

  1. I agree, it’s just too bad that the 2nd Amendment is the ONLY one Lindsey Graham and the others support for everyone.

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  3. It’s just another act in ‘Security Theater’. (I borrowed the phrase from one of the Revere’s at Effect Measure. They have an interesting take on immigration too.)

  4. Aunt B.,

    As you may have seen, a jet was just ordered to return to the gate in NY because of a last-minute warning based on one of those no-fly lists. It turns out to have been a mistake.

    One wonders what sort of Atari computers the TSA and other agencies use.

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