This is a Real Song!

I heard a song, once, on the radio when I was little. The lyrics were simple. “I’m a neanderthal man. You’re a neanderthal girl. Let’s make neanderthal love in this neanderthal world.” Stupid, but they stick with you.

But then I never heard it again. And I never met anyone who had ever heard of it. So, I convinced myself that it was maybe a novelty song by a local Chicago band from the 70s, so there was no use in ever hoping to hear it again.

I still sang it to myself every once in a while, though, because, well, when a song you hear once can get stuck in your head for almost 30 years, you have to honor it by singing it.

So, tonight, I read this story, which, for obvious reasons, gets me thinking of the song. And I found it on Youtube! It’s a real song. It exists and you can listen to it, just once, and then sing it to yourself for 30 years. It’ll be great.

I honestly can’t believe they got four minutes out of this material, but hey, what can I tell you?

Edited to add: Oh, my god, forget that video. Check out this one.


3 thoughts on “This is a Real Song!

  1. Ha! I remember that song! This is very timely, my friends and I are having Sucky Songs Video Wars on Facebook, this will be my entry today. Thanks for the reminder!

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