We Have Roses in the Back Yard!

The TVA: Uniting Tennesseans

I’m a Middle Tennessee gal, linking to a West Tennessee blogger linking to some East Tennessee bloggers laying the righteous smack-down on the TVA. I only wish I had something to add so that the east Tennessee bloggers could link to me, thus causing a great spinning contraption of linkage.

Alas, I do not.

Shorter Ron Ramsey: “I Have a Plan, I Just Can’t Tell You What It Is Until You Elect Me.”

Gail Kerr calls bullshit where a bullshit-callin’ is warranted.

I mean, seriously, if you have a plan and you’re the Lt. Governor and you have a majority in the Legislature and you love Tennessee, implement your plan! Right now!

Shoot, if it works, it’s not like voters are going to forget.

Otherwise, it sounds a lot like “Oh, you got me a present? Oh, yeah, I got you a present, too, but, um… I forgot it at home.”


The most hide-chapping part of this whole “briefly live in the middle of a swiftly moving river” experience is this: Places that were unweeded suffered little loss of soil, if any. Places that had been weeded and fretted over? That’s where I lost soil. Large amounts of it.

I think this just proves that weeding is not only the worst part about gardening, but that weeds serve a useful purpose–they hold your soil in place.

In happier news, I have blooms on all the roses this year, even one on the shady rose. Here’s a gardening question for us all to ponder. How difficult would it be to move a rose of indeterminate age to a sunnier spot? And when should I do it?