So, is Representative Joe Towns an Idiot or Does He Just Think We Are?

There was some drama up on the Hill yesterday. Speaker Williams collapsed at the podium. Turns out he’s fine. However, while he was on the ground, the reporter for the AP, Erik Schelzig, attempted to report on the story in a way that upset Legislators.

You can read all about it here and here and here and here.

I’m with Michael Silence here.

Memo to Joe and Stacey: What’s “despicable” is the arrogance of government displayed once again today and the pathetic political pandering lawmakers have engaged in, especially in the last two sessions. Dudes, that chamber ain’t yours. It belongs to all Tennesseans.

Don’t pretend now like you have decorum.

Anyway, so Joe Towns rushes to score political points by introducing a resolution to urge “the chair of the Capitol Hill Press Corps to restrict access to the House Floor by a certain member of the press corps.” Yes, they’d like to abridge the freedom of the Press. Good luck with that lawsuit should you pass this nonsense.

But even worse, in the resolution, it says, “a member of the Capitol Hill Press Corps acted without thought and good judgment in attempting to take photographs and thereby needlessly hindering emergency medical personnel from providing necessary medical care.”

The emphasis is mine, because this is a lie. Just a flat out lie. And Channel 4 has the video to prove it. Even if you don’t like what Schelzig did, you have to be taken aback by the bold-face lying on the part of Towns in order to score political points. Towns, we can all see what happened. Appropriate behavior or not (and obviously, I am on the side of appropriate), Schelzig did not hinder medical care.

This is really creepy behavior, I have to tell you–to watch a politician just so blatantly change the truth and try to instill his lie into the public record instead. I mean, I’m sure it goes on all the time, but to see it happen? To be able to see with your own eyes what went down and then to see what Towns puts forward as the truth to be voted on?

Gives me the willies.

But let’s not end on a down note. Instead, let’s end with the funny. As JR points out:

Rep. Joe Towns has introduced a resolution (HR0371 – info here, download here) to urge the “chair of the Capitol Hill Press Corps” to revoke Erik Schelzig’s designation as a member of the press pursuant to House rules.

Of course, Schelzig himself is the chairman of the press corps.


13 thoughts on “So, is Representative Joe Towns an Idiot or Does He Just Think We Are?

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  2. … since when would the collapse of the speaker not be of note for voters? bah. The reporter never left the glassed in walls that protects him from the frothing masses of legislators.

  3. is Representative Joe Towns an Idiot or Does He Just Think We Are?

    Two great tastes that taste great together. These are not mutually exclusive.

  4. Glimpsing into the minds of some of the people making the laws and high level decisions in our governments can be quite disconcerting. Why do so many think that once they are elected they’ve become royalty rather than public servants?

  5. DADvocate, maybe it’s because they keep getting away with it. The only thing more pathetic than a craven and incompetent leader is an electorate that puts him in office more than once.

  6. I guess Representative Towns has never heard of a bill of attainder, because he just wrote a textbook example of one.

    For those of you keeping score at home, bills of attainder are specifically prohibited in both the state and national constitutions.

  7. I’d love to be teaching a civics class in Tennessee right now. There are so many wonderful teachable moments among the day’s current events.

  8. autoegocrat, I don’t know the specifics of bills of attainder in the 18th century, but in the 14th and 15th centuries they included automatic forfeiture of goods to the crown. Maybe Towns is just trying to get his share of Schlezig’s property?

  9. Joe Towns’ campaign funds and guess what a reporter found? $10,000.00 was donated to Towns’ campaign from a radical Islam group from Turkey. The address on the campaign was traced back to an abandon building. To me, this sounds like criminal activity

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