Creepy Spring Sunday

You don’t often think of spring as being creepy, but with all the water, everywhere, we’re having a very creepy spring–fog, things not where you think they should be, rain, noises.

5 thoughts on “Creepy Spring Sunday

  1. Wow! I love those pictures in that you could see different textures in many and see what you would never notice without all the water and dampness. I like the tree bark and strawberry pics. I also like the river picture-I see the water level is very high still, but the picture made me think I could smell the air and water. Have you had alot of thick, London-type fog with all the moisture from the rain?

  2. Joanaroo, we are having some weird, thick fog (I haven’t been to London, so I can’t compare).

    Helen, me, too. And I much prefer creepy to flooded out, so bring on the creepy, I say!

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