What’s Up with the Orange Cat?!

I'm no Old Norse scholar, but it occurs to me that, if Odin had a giant housecat, we could have inadvertently figured out why Sleipnir appeard to have eight legs.

In the old days, the cats would have nothing to do with the dog, but times have changed. This morning, the poor dog was just trying to innocently go outside, pee, and come back inside, but the orange cat decided, I guess, that the dog needed a bodyguard, so the cat basically attached himself to her side and, no matter how slow or fast the dog tried to go, the cat was right next to her.

Poor dog just wanted to squat, but you know her knees are bad, so the cat pushing on her while she was trying to pee kept meaning she’d have to shift or topple over.

And she just kept giving me this sad, “what the hell is happening to me?” look.

And what could I say? I didn’t know.

3 thoughts on “What’s Up with the Orange Cat?!

  1. Maybe this is the only way he can get away from the new kitty. I think he’s developing some sort of middle child syndrome or something. It’s funny that she tried for so long to befriend those cats but now that they’re pals, she’s had enough. She’s not a puppy anymore.

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