5 thoughts on “For Theogeo

  1. I’m at work so I didn’t so much squeal as I did smile a little too hard and a little too devilishly at my screen. Thanks for posting this.

    I sure hope I’ve got this in my yard. And if I do? We’re gonna have a root party.

  2. No, you don’t want this in your yard. It is insidious, it is the cancer of a yard. Our previous yard was infected with it, it choked out everything in its path. In my research, I found that bindweed can travel forty feet or more from its source, under roads, sidewalks and other obstacles. And if you don’t get all of the root (heh), it will return in greater force. I wouldn’t even drop a section of the leaves anywhere.

    Take my work for it, KILL IT. KILL IT WHILE YOU CAN.

    Great song, though.

  3. Okay, but Peg, now you’ve got me curious. If this really is such a noxious weed, I should be able to find it around here, right? Along the roads or something? Because I would LOVE to see this in person and dig up the root for myself.

  4. Yeah, you should be able to find it; the shape of the leaf is the indicator. After my previous experience with it, I have laser scope for that fucker. The flowers don’t really come out until mid-summer, and while they ARE pretty (they look like morning glories), like I said, the source may be quite some distance away. Look for a vine-y plant with tendrils that start out small and then start wrapping around everything in the vicinity. That would be it.


    God, I HATE that stuff, can you tell?

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