The Best Part About Yesterday

Holy cow, in all the voting excitement, I forgot to tell you about the most awesome thing I saw yesterday. So, there I am, driving towards town on DB Todd and there’s this enormous, like football player enormous guy in a blue t-shirt, walking resolutely north (possibly towards a bus stop), with what appeared to be a red cape flapping in the wind behind him. I am not even shitting you. I was like “Um, is this guy wearing a red cape, in public? And how does he get it to flap so fashionably in the wind?”

He looked fantastic. You wouldn’t think a red cape in broad daylight would look fantastic, but he carried it off.

And I slowed way, way down, to get a look at his cape.

Which turned out to just be a red apron he was wearing backwards.

But still, for a second, I thought I saw a guy in Nashville who could pull off a red cape, and it tickled me.

Day Two of “Improve B’s Sleep”

Well, I had more energy during the day, but I still slept like crap last night. I’m just not falling into deep sleep.

But this morning, on our walk, I think I found ditch weed! I don’t honestly know enough about marijuana to recognize it on sight while sprouting in its natural state (I think that gets me kicked out of liberalism, but there you go), but I was looking for this plant we saw yesterday, that was weirdly shaped like a three inch “x,” when I noticed a whole bunch of tiny familiarly shaped leaves in a bunch.  They were all very small, but I laughed and wished I’d had a camera to show you.  One wonders how long it will be before anyone gets by to cut them down.

Ha, Wikipedia to the rescue! Imagine a good three foot square clump of these. That’s what I saw.

They can’t possibly be on purpose, because they’re right along the road, right where they’ll be mowed, should anyone ever mow again. So, I think that qualifies them as honest to god ditch weed. Well, shoot, if it’s in seedling form there, you know it’s grown up somewhere nearby. Ha, oh war on drugs, you’re so stupid.

I mean, I, too, have a war on weeds every year and I still have weeds.