Birthday Runes

I had a dream last night that the Old Man gave me three runes–sowilo, ingwaz, and hagalaz–in that order.

Here’s what the rune poems have to say, when they have anything to say:

Sowelo–“the sun”

Old Norwegian Rune Poem

Sun is the light of the world;
I bow to the divine decree.

Old Icelandic Rune Poem

Sun is the shield of the clouds
and shining ray
and destroyer of ice.

Anglo-Saxon Rune Poem

The sun is ever a joy in the hopes of seafarers
when they journey away over the fishes’ bath,
until the courser of the deep bears them to land.

Ingwaz–The god Ing, later called Frey

Old English Runic Poem

Ing was first amidst the East Danes
so seen, until he went eastward
over the sea. His wagon ran after.
Thus the Heardings named that hero.


Old Norwegian

Hail is the coldest of grain;
Christ created the world of old.

Old Icelandic

Hail is cold grain
and shower of sleet
and sickness of serpents.


Hail is the whitest of grain;
it is whirled from the vault of heaven
and is tossed about by gusts of wind
and then it melts into water.

I have no interpretation, but I’m interested to see what we think in a year. Travel? Over some water? More bad weather?  Who knows? I should learn more about the runes I guess.

6 thoughts on “Birthday Runes

  1. Happy birthday all day long. No good ideas about the runes — time will tell you how to interpret what you’ve been given.

  2. Happy birthday!

    Interesting trio of runes. I don’t generally divine with runes, I cut them, but here goes anyway. The Sun is generally a “good” sign, heat, warmth, growth, light, seeing one’s way clearly. Ingwaz is generation and growth of a more cyclical nature–gardens, crops, things which take time to come to fruition. Hagalaz is that which is both destruction and, upon melting, a component of regrowth. Some folks see it as mostly negative, because of the destructive aspect. The Icelanders call it a sickness of serpents, which is interesting because serpents are cthonic/underworldy critters. But I think the word “grain” in all three poems suggests that Ice is at least the seed of more growth, even if it’s got to destroy whatever came before it. Could be literal weather, travel, and success with the garden (until more bad weather), or it could be a much wider metaphor for your year.

    In any case, again, happy birthday.

  3. I like lowly_adjunct’s take on your runes, but I would also note that you did not chose them, but rather were given them in a dream. I’d take that as being somewhat removed from the literal, but still great change at the cost of something you’ve been working on for some time. And maybe not in a way or time you would choose for yourself.

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