I still get birthday money from my Grandma, which I find so charming. It’s kind of corny, but there’s something nice about getting a small amount of money for your birthday, from your grandma. A large amount of money would obviously have to go to something like, oh, getting the driveway repaired. But a small amount? You feel like that’s okay for you to spend on something frivilous.

So, I went over to Bates and spent it on poppies. Not a whole bunch of poppies, mind you. Bates’ poppies are still deciding whether they’re going to come back from the flood. (And who hasn’t felt that, a little bit?) But I got three that looked like some new green growth was happening in there. And I put them at the end of my garden, where the bulbs whose names I can’t remember have decided that it’s just too muddy for them to bother.

I’m not sure how much water poppies need. But that’s the sunniest spot in my garden, so I think it’s worth trying them there.

One thought on “Poppies

  1. Ha — my grandma still sends me a small amount every year too. I always find myself a little embarrassed and charmed.

    Happy (belated) birthday!

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