This is all I’ve been thinking about all afternoon

Not all, but it’s weird. Newscoma has been tweeting the flooding going on in West Tennessee and I keep thinking of Mel, who used to call me “Sally,” and how she lost her house. I want, very much, to write another October of ghost stories. I enjoyed it so much last time.

But all I can think about is how even my fictional ideas about Nashville have changed. How my ideas about what it means to haunt and be haunted are changing, and what it is I think the kinds of ghost stories we tell each other do. Often, they’re about how these things we think we know so well have a bit of unrecognizabilty to them. But after your whole region has been rendered unrecognizable to you? Then, it seems like telling stories is a way of putting things back into their familiar places.

3 thoughts on “This is all I’ve been thinking about all afternoon

  1. I feel like one of the most healing things after times of disaster is for things to get back to “normal” (as much as normal is possible, anyway) again.

    Therefore for you to do another October of ghost stories (which I would love to see as well as I know my mother and many others would) would be perfectly normal, and welcomed.

  2. Or, you know, stories following up on how the ghosts of last year are affected by the floods. Like WSM shows all being broadcast out of the Brentwood studio at the transmitter, since the Opryland studio flooded — what does that do to the ghosts in the Brentwood library?

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