My story is up! You can even listen to me read it. I tried to convince the Butcher to get his friend to do a dance remix of it, but so far that hasn’t materialized. You should wait until tonight to listen to it, put it on right before you go to bed and let me tell you a bedtime story.

Or you could listen to it now, and then take a nap.

Or just read it.


Hee. I’m so excited.

8 thoughts on “Bone!

  1. Lovely and eerie. I’m always so thrilled that I know someone as talented as you.

    And I put in my vote for the dance mix too. :)

  2. Recording it was so much fun, too. The Butcher’s friend has a home studio, so I got to sit in it in front of a really high-tech microphone and read my story. I think he fiddled with the controllers longer than it took me to read it.

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