Music for Hot Weather

Once upon a time, my friend Matt put this song on a mix tape for me, back when such things were actual tapes, and I listened to it over and over again. I love Muddy Waters as it is. I just think he has one of the voices of the 20th Century.

But what I really like about this song is harder to put my finger on. It’s not just the lyrics and the music. It’s something weird going on. It’s like you can hear the hot, smoke-filled summer air between the musicians. Morganfield sounds like he’s right up next to you, his whole body pressed against yours, his lips right by your ear. And, I guess you could mistake the drums for the racing of your own heart.

But there’s something about the echo on the guitar and the bass (not how they echo each other, though that’s very nice), but how those notes seem linger so long, like they’re just hanging in the night air, one hot July. This song just sounds like a hot night to me.