ICMC Day One

I swear, every year I piss and moan about having to go to the International Country Music Conference and every year I really enjoy it. I think I would complain about having to get smooches from a person with big black eyes who I adored, if I knew about it too far in advance. “Oh, god, smooches. Well, I guess this means I’m shit out of luck on the Dairy Queen front.”

Ha, but if I knew about Dairy Queen, I’d be all “Dairy Queen? But when will there be smooches?”

Anyway, one of the presenters played The Gourds doing “Gin and Juice” and it was very sweet how nervous she was about it, because she really liked it but thought it was a little corny (I think), but then Barry Mazor stepped up and contextualized it in terms of how, in the history of country music, you always see these trends, then you’ll see other artists bringing African American influences into it (like classic country’s relationship to rockabilly), but they hadn’t really seen this in alt.country and he found that curious. But then, here it was.

So, it made it seem as if she’d found something with deep history.

I don’t know. It was just one of those nice moments when you’re like, “Dang, I’m glad I was here for this.”

One thought on “ICMC Day One

  1. Somewhere on the web, there is a little video clip of Snoop hearing the Gourds’ version of that song. I’ll see if I can find it for you.

    [goes away and pokes around]

    Oh, yes, here it is. Enjoy.

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