Is the Tiny Cat Mad at Me?

For two days the tiny cat has not come to breakfast. I was worried that she’d gotten out and wandered off, but the Butcher said he hung out with her yesterday.

And the new kitty keeps bringing me ticks.

Shoot, I tell you what. You dress like a German Shepherd and bark at everyone one evening and all of a sudden people are so sensitive.

2 thoughts on “Is the Tiny Cat Mad at Me?

  1. I had one jump up on the desk and in my lap demanding attention late last night that, once she appeared, it occurred to me I hadn’t seen her in several days. Maybe not even a week or more. And my place is pretty tiny. Makes you wonder what they’re up to when they disappear like that.

    Nice that the New Kitty has her priorities in order… ticks, eek.

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