Guess Who I Had Breakfast With?!

The tiny cat! I heard an earth-shatteringly loud meow coming from the garage. I opened the door. And the prodigal cat had returned. She ate like… well, like a cat who hadn’t eaten in three days.

The Professor and I were just talking the other day about how clear it was that the tiny cat had retired from the CIA, but now I’m not so sure.

In other news, I hear they’ve gotten the oil leak in the Gulf stopped up. I’m not saying there’s a correlation, I’m just saying, America, the next time you need to fly our cat to some secret destination to save the world, please make sure she’s fed.

In other, more serious news, we have a mouse in the house. We keep finding its poop in the most unfortunate places. Three cats and a mouse. Hopefully, now that the tiny cat’s home, she’ll take care of this nonsense.

(In the length of time it’s taken me to write this post–during which I’ve also had a couple of discussions with the Butcher–the tiny cat has eaten a can of wet cat food and I can hear her in there chomping down on the dry. Never leave us again, tiny cat! Or leave a note!)

5 thoughts on “Guess Who I Had Breakfast With?!

  1. It’s like all those stories about needing the old retired expert to come in and re-train the current staff who can’t handle this problem. I contend she’s still retired but helped out on this one important mission. thanks, tiny cat.

  2. So when are you gonna take the tiny cat and move to DC? The world needs you!

    Seriously, glad she’s back. I don’t often comment but I always read, and I’m endlessly amused by your cat tales (tails?).

  3. No matter that this house has never been catless since I moved into it, and at times has had as many as eight cats living here – no feline has ever killed a mouse in this house. The dogs have. But not the cats.

  4. I’ve been house – well actually, pool sitting – this week as my best friend is spending a week in the Caribbean. She has 2 cats, which roam indoors and outdoors at will.

    Yesterday, while walking thru the house, I turned the corner to walk into
    the bathroom. There on the wood floor was a headless baby rabbit. It was missing a front arm as well.

    Today I went over – dead and headless mouse on the carport.

    So, if your cats won’t do the job – I know where to find some that will.

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