Lefty Frizzell’s Grave

Also, I finally made my way over to Lefty Frizzell’s grave, after being his neighbor for over a year. He was not in the cemetery I thought he was in, though, in all fairness, I did not realize that there were two cemeteries on Dickerson Pike. I thought there were two entrances to the same cemetery, but, alas, no. The Dickerson Pike cemeteries, though fairly new by cemetery standards, are old enough to be segregated.

Well, my bad.

Once I got to the right cemetery, he was easy enough to find–there in the “Music Row” section. But he’s got one of those flat headstones with the fake flowers sticking out of the middle, so there’s literally nothing to distinguish his grave from any of the others. Nothing to catch your eye and lead you to wonder about him.

And, bless his heart, nothing to indicate that any fan had been by. No guitar picks, no bottles of booze (though, in his case, maybe that would be distasteful), nothing like you see at other star’s graves. So, I left a stack of pennies. Maybe that will catch on as a thing.


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