In the Olden Days You’d Be Invited Over to Look at My Slides

Won’t Someone Come and Unstink My House?

Friday morning, I took a few hours to weed some of the big bed  I wanted to get the little trees out of the morning glories, which are just about ready to head skyward (you can tell because, when morning glories sprout, their leaves look like back-to-back horseshoes, but when you see them starting to sprout leaves with three lobes, not two, you know they’re getting ready to climb). I thought, at the time, “you know, the rest of the weekend is going to be very busy. Maybe you should be in the house, cleaning.”

But then I thought–I hate cleaning. And the rest of my weekend is going to be very busy. Why not take these few hours to do something I enjoy?

Ha, well, then, people, that should show you how much I hate cleaning my house! By comparison, I enjoy weeding.

So, here we are and the house smells and the toilet is… shall we say?… adventuresome to flush, because the Butcher has decided that he has broken the new innards and he can’t figure out how and he’s not going to put another new set of innards in there, when he doesn’t know what he’s doing and when our brother who is a plumber will be here next week.

And, while I was at work yesterday, the tiny cat bled all over the bathroom. Which is disgusting and worrisome, except that, by the time we got home, she seemed to be done bleeding. So, I don’t know. I guess we just watch and see?

And I spilled Diet Dr Pepper on the baby blanket I made for my cousin. So, I guess we’re about to see how well this yarn holds up in the wash. Yes, maybe if someone hadn’t left her Diet Dr Pepper cans all over, someone wouldn’t have spilled one on her hard work. Well, maybe someone should get off someone’s back because someone already feels bad enough.

And why didn’t someone nag someone about cleaning the house on Friday? Where was someone then? Friday, someone was all, “Yeah, weeding is a nice way to spend the morning. Go for it.” Thanks for nothing, Betsy. Always on about leaving Diet Dr Pepper cans everywhere. Never “Let’s find the source of that smell long before company comes so we have time to air the house out.”

Anyway, I’ve decided to do another October of ghost stories. It won’t be as good as last year, because, frankly, it’s damn hard to come up with thirty-one ghost stories, let alone another thirty-one. Last year, I felt like I was kind of repeating myself by the end. So, I expect to completely lose the struggle to remain original this year. On the other hand, this year, I have a better idea of what it takes to have 31 stories ready to go by October, so, hopefully I won’t still be writing stories halfway into October this year. So, it may be better.

No, I never did find a publisher for the first set. Maybe, someday, when I’m in better finances, I’ll pay someone to design me a book and just self-publish it.

Anyway, this year, I’ve already got a story about a ghostly tree, which cracks me up to think about, but I think it came out nice in the execution.