Update on the Mouse Situation

The cabinets in the kitchen are open, so that a curious cat might investigate.

The orange cat is sleeping in a chair in the dining room. The tiny cat is sleeping on a window ledge in my bedroom. The new kitty is sleeping at the end of my bed.

Somehow, I doubt the mouse is very concerned.

5 thoughts on “Update on the Mouse Situation

  1. Is your mouse perhaps suffering from allergies? Or a bad cold? I have always believed that just smelling the presence of a cat was enough to get rid of any number of mice. But if it’s little nose is stuffed up, it may not be getting the message. Possibly leaving some smashed-up Claritin out in a dish will help.

  2. You will probably recall my big fluffy white cat Audi who passed on year before last. He lived in the back bedroom his first several years here out of apparent choice, until he suddenly one day decided he wanted to live out in the rest of the house with everyone else.

    When he was still living back there, one year we were having a mouse problem which I attributed to next door (this is a duplex) because the mice were really hitting hard over there and my side seemed to just be getting minor mouse fallout, in fact I think was really only one mouse.

    I can’t tell you how many times I’d be laying back there in the bed with Audi and we’d just both watch that mouse take his same route (same one over and over and over again) from a shelf that was about mid-way up the wall, across the windowsill, and into the closet. And back.

    I’d look at Audi and he’d be watching it, yes – but with no apparent real interest whatsoever. And he certainly wouldn’t bother to move. It might as well have been one of the other cats instead of a mouse.

    I’d be all like, “Hey! Go get that mouse!” And he’d look at me like I’d just said, “Nice weather we’re having today, huh?”

    I know farmers have often kept cats to keep mice out of their barns and plenty of people who’ve had cats that kept mice out of their homes. Apparently your cats and my cats are missing whatever gene those cats have for mousing.

    That little psycho I have now, Tojo, my youngest, might actually be worth something when it came to being a mouser, but we’ve not had any mice since he’s been here for me to find out.

  3. Ha! The mouse I have in my house is because a cat brought it in.
    I called everyone for dinner and Henry came in and spit out the live mouse to eat his dinner. The mouse refuses to leave or be live trapped and is storing it’s stash of food deep in my underwear drawer. And who knows where else.

  4. Hi! I am a cat. My mom, Joanaroo, is LOL at your cat stories. I am a tuxedo cat she rescued along with other stray cats from the neighborhood. So far the only mice we have had stayed in the garage but none have had mice-sized cojones to come into the house yet. Because there are several of us who sleep downstairs where the garage door comes into the house and we like to be in the sunroom that opens into the family room I believe any mouse who comes in here would do so without a samarai sword to do hari-kari with!

  5. Oops! These little keys on this cell phone can be a bear for cat paws! That should be the mouse would do so WITH a samurai sword.

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