Pith This Week

When I worked at the newspaper, they would still have “news” from the surrounding communities that would be all “Mrs. William Bates and Mrs. Randall Jones had lunch at their mother’s, Mrs. Yolanda Pierce, on Wednesday. They had tunafish sandwiches and Mrs. Bates delighted everyone with tales of her new broom.” They were always kind of hilariously boring, but if you knew the town gossip, shoot, those things told you a lot. Like, if you knew Mrs. Bates beat Mr. Bates over the head with the old broom upon discovering him in the arms of the Pierce sister who seems to have been conspicuously absent from lunch on Wednesday, that bit about the new broom is kind of funny.

Anyway, I don’t have any good ICMC gossip, but writing up everything I did this weekend for Pith reminded me of those old community columns.

Also, I always think it’s a good one when I crack myself up.

4 thoughts on “Pith This Week

  1. This reminds me of my hometown newspaper, the Hickman County Times. When I was a kid, there was a gossip column called “The Quipster Says…”. Ever paragraph then began with “…that “, followed by some juicy morsel that the writer, Edna, always got just a little bit wrong. It was well known around town that- if you saw Edna coming- you’d better change direction and go the other way!

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