When It Comes to Tennessee Politics, You Can Never Be Cynical Enough

1. CCA gives money to politicians who enact tough anti-immigrant laws that result in more inmates in CCA facilities. It’s actually kind of smart, if you think about it. You could run prisons full of dangerous criminals who are constantly scheming to get over on your employees, which sometimes results in their deaths, or you could run prisons full of ordinary folks who just wanted a better life for themselves and their families. But it’s the buying off of these politicians that just makes me laugh. I mean, Sheriff Hall, who knew you were so cheap?

2. Tennessee’s angriest gubernatorial candidate is also a little sinister. Still, there’s something refreshing about “I’ve already got my friends set up in the cushy political jobs they’d have when I was governor due to my shady dealings while I was in Congress.” No surprises. No scandal out of left field.

3.  Yes, see, here in the real world, Campfield, when people do a study, the conclusions are not foregone. So we do need to have people working on the matter to try to figure out what’s going on. And, yes, you also have to pay people to do work. I love how Republicans are all about capitalism and such until they see it in action and then they’re all “But why aren’t these people just donating their time out of the goodness of their hearts?!”

The hilarious thing about this is that he’s such a fucking con artist. Not a good con artist, but a con artist, flailing around to try to find the soundbite he thinks is going to make people be all “Oh, yeah, trying to figure out how to save our babies is so fucking stupid, heh.” Well, you can’t always Beevis and Butthead your way through an issue.

But damn it if he’s not going to try.

4. Remember when John Fogerty plagiarized himself and got in trouble with CCR’s record company? And yet, John Rich can make this video. Note to John Rich: You probably shouldn’t remind people how much better you sound with Big Kenny singing next to you.