A Feminist Defense of Nikki Haley

You knew all that bullshit about how female politicians don’t have sex scandals because we’re too good and pure and not of this earth or too busy doing right for the good of the country had to be a crock of shit.

And look! It is.

Just like other human beings, women fail to live up to our ideals. We fuck hot guys when we shouldn’t. Give us a chance to get into politics in numbers closer to equal to our representation in the country and some of us will be brought down in embarrassing scandals where we fuck hot girls when we shouldn’t. Or regular looking folks. Or ugly. I mean, let’s not limit ourselves to “Well, men will fuck anything, but women will only fuck hot folks.”

So, Nikki Haley, as painfully embarrassing as this is, I, for one, salute you for proving that even the ridiculous political sex scandal is not beyond the reach of women!

11 thoughts on “A Feminist Defense of Nikki Haley

  1. What, did you also get asked “Waaaah, why aren’t you feminists defending her, is it because she’s conservative, you hypocrites?”

    I too view it as a sign of progress, frankly.

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  3. While I appreciate the snark, there’s not much evidence that she did have an affair.

    The evidence points that scummy bloggers and political hacks are trying to bring her down since she surged the polls.

    And GoldnI, since you are the expert on explaining conservatives, why aren’t feminists defending a situation that is clearly a result of sexism? It couldn’t have anything to do with her politics, could it?

    Sorry to burst your little self-righteous bubble, but Jezebel gals kind of prove my side.


    Sexism is wrong on either side of the aisle. I’ve defended Hillary and other liberal women when the situation wasn’t right. Why don’t you extend the same respect to women with different political views?

    We do have the right to hold those views, or has the feminist sorority decided not to grant those to conservative women? I forget that we’re not allowed to be outspoken unless we carry water for the Democrats. I’ll go back to being barefoot in my kitchen now where women like you want us.

  4. Adrienne, I haven’t met you in person, obviously, but I have to say, if it turns out that I want you, it won’t just be in the kitchen. I’m game for the living room, out by the creek, wherever. The kitchen seems like a particularly dangerous place, considering all the knives.

    But is the fact that her campaign contacted the first guy and attempted to figure out a way for them and him to spin the text messages into meaning something other than that they fucked under dispute now?

    I just don’t see how this is sexism. A politician has been accused of having sex outside of marriage and the people the politician has had sex with have come forward to say, “yes, this happened.”

    That seems to me to be vastly different than some kind of smear campaign about what a slut Haley is, which would be sexist.

    Anyway, “feminists don’t have the same priorities as me” coming from you isn’t really an indictment of feminism or proof that feminism is somehow a failed philosophy.

    I mean, shoot, if we want to get all meta, one could argue that expecting women to put aside their personal feelings in order to come to the defense of another woman is just reinforcing odious gender rolls.

    Why do you need women you so vehemently disagree with to validate your positions? Isn’t it enough that conservative women are coming to Haley’s defense?

    You have, at best, mixed feelings towards feminists. So, why do you spend so much time seeing if we’re doing what you want us to do?

  5. I’ll give Adrienne this; there aren’t too many folks who’d have the nerve to use the phrase “Sorry to burst your little self-righteous bubble” within one of the more self-righteous rants I’ve read in a long while.

  6. You don’t have to be barefoot in the kitchen if you don’t want to be. That’s feminism for you. Unfortunately, just like Palin and Bachmann and all of the others, you seem to want to claim that right to privacy for yourselves while denying it to others.

    Yet another “family values” politician got caught screwing around. That’s all this is. It catches y’all off guard every time.

  7. “The evidence points that scummy bloggers and political hacks are trying to bring her down since she surged the polls.”


    From what I have read, there is very little evidence indicating that. You have two guys saying they had sex with Nikki Haley, and her denying it ever happened. You got phone logs which prove that a number of telephone conversations took place at odd hours – which don’t prove that affairs occurred. You have text messages, some of which look very odd, but none of which are sufficient in and of themselves to condemn or exonerate Ms. Haley.

    The only evidence that this is all a political ploy is Ms. Haley’s unsupported assertion and the fact that both claimants now have some ties to other candidates.

    Do I believe Republican operatives in South Carolina are capable of inventing entirely false charges to derail an opponent’s political campaign? Damn skippy (remember what Bush did to McCain with the “African child” rumor?). On the other hand, do I believe it is possible that a family values Republican (regardless of her sex) could be filled with enough hubris to have affairs? Paging Mark Sanford.

    Right now, none of us know what really happened, and absent a smoking gun or someone on one side or the other cracking, we may NEVER know.

    With apologies to B., I’m not sure this topic has anything to do with feminism, as much as it has to do with slimy folks (one way or the other) in the SCGOP.

  8. Dolphin, you don’t hang around enough conservatives if you think that’s particularly unusual. It seems to me to be pretty common behavior.

  9. Aunt B,
    You are so hawt! Can I has my gender roll now, please? (Very, very tongue in cheek!)

  10. Mark, it has NOTHING to do with feminism. That’s the whole point. Only people like Adrienne are trying to pretend it does.

  11. Fair enough autoegocrat, fair enough.

    Mark’s right though. The discussion of whether or not she had an affair(s) is immaterial as to whether or not the accusation is “sexist.” Without more, simply accusing a politician of having an affair isn’t remotely sexist.

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